You will need
  • flour – 3 cups;
  • nuts – 120 g;
  • zest of a lemon;
  • soda – 0.5 CH. l.;
  • egg – 6 PCs;
  • margarine – 320 g;
  • sugar 2.3 Cup;
  • salt – pinch.
To prepare a homemade cake, grind a Cup of sugar with margarine, and the second Cup of sugar whisk together the 6 egg yolks. Next, mix with each other the two masses.
Add to margarine, sugar and egg yolks lemon zest, baking soda and chopped nuts. Add the flour and start to knead the dough.
Whip the whites in some separate container, adding a pinch of salt. Sooner or later the foam will be persistent and resilient, when this happens add the whites to the dough and mix thoroughly. Then pour the batter in the baking dish.
If a special form with a bulge in the middle is not available, you can use a normal flat, and in the middle put a glass Cup. Glass oil margarine in the form lay baking paper.
It's time to make home-made cupcake. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C and place the cupcake, leave it to bake for 1 hour. Readiness check using the normal matches. If the stick is dry, then the cake it's time to take out.
Remove the pan from the oven after the allotted time and allow it to cool. You managed to cook a homemade cake, you can decorate it sugar or chocolate glaze and serve along with milk or tea.