The simplest and most effective recommendation is an ancient truth known since the times of antiquity: not to get drunk, alcohol should drink large doses, quickly swallowing and holding down in the mouth. The fact that the mucous membrane of the oral cavity is incredibly fast and fully capable of learning many active substances – such as certain types of drugs or alcohol. Ethyl alcohol is very well absorbed, if a person holds an alcoholic beverage in your mouth while drinking it in small doses. Particularly in this case intoxicating aerated or slightly warmed drink.

In addition, you can try before drinking alcoholic beverages drink 5-6 tablets of conventional activated carbon because this substance is an excellent sorbent and "take over" the part You drink your alcohol. While drinking, try to eat them abundantly fatty, oily or acidic foods. In this case, the ideal snack be sandwiches with butter, bacon, pickled zucchini or cucumbers, lemon. Also, not to get drunk, it is more likely to go on air or ventilate the area in which You are.

Contributes to the intoxication of a bad habit to mix some drinks. With a quick intoxicating effect of a mixture of wine and spirits, vintage ports and dry wines, and also cognac or vodka with beer. Do not mix red and white wines. If You drink hard liquor (gin, vodka, cognac or whiskey), do not take them with carbonated drinks such as tonic water or lemonade. This mixture will very quickly work on your body is not the best way.