Advice 1: How to make fog

Fog appears when the collision of cold air and warm the earth. As a result of this collision, the water evaporating upon contact with the warm ground again rises in the cold air, slows down and condenseries. Remember this simple scheme, if you want to make fog at home.
How to make fog
You will need
  • Empty 2-liter bottle
  • Hot water
  • A few drops of alcohol
  • Ice cubes
  • Pipette
To make fog in the first one-third fill a 2-liter bottle of very hot water.
Put a few drops of alcohol into the bottle with the pipette.
Take an ice cube and hold it over the neck of the bottle. Here is the fog.
Observe safety precautions when you fill the bottle with water. Burns from boiling water can be very strong.

Advice 2: How to make a dropper

Surprisingly, such a nothing little thing like a dropper for instillation of the drug, sometimes is essential. It is in times of her absence understand the importance of this simple device. Man possesses boundless imagination, without which I would not have survived, so using simple means, even in an extreme situation to make a dropper in a relatively short time.
How to make a dropper
You will need
  • Glass tube, a thin rubber tube, disposable syringe, straw for a cocktail.
Any pipette consists of a glass tube (sometimes graduated) and the rubber cover, pressing on the hollow foundations of supplied liquid. Therefore, it is necessary to make these parts.
If a glass tube is just fine, but this phenomenon is rare. However, in the case of their presence we take a glass tube and heated in a tribe in the centre. In a few moments the glass begins to soften and then pulling in different directions movements, the tube can be easily divided into two parts. The glass hardens very quickly, so you need to do it fast enough. The result is two basis for a pipette with a tapered thin edges that you want to carefully break off or until they are frozen, carefully cut with scissors. Slices can be melted in the flame, with the result that they become smooth.
Now proceed to the manufacture of rubber cap. Well if you have a narrow rubber tube, which is sufficient to cut 7-10 cm and inserts the glass substrate. The top opening can be closed virtually any small thing – from a pea to a piece of rubber. For this purpose, will fit even a piece of chewing gum. Rubber can also pripravit.
To make the eyedropper in the absence of the glass tubes can accommodate a straw for a cocktail, not even cutting it. To collect any medication from the container, enough a tube dipped in the liquid, holding it with thumb and middle finger. After the dive free the index finger to cover the top opening of the straw and pull it from the flask. You can immediately carry out the procedure of instillation. For this the index finger need to open the hole and then the liquid will result. The straw has a fairly sharp edge, and therefore its bottom side, you can wrap the rubber band from a balloon or fingertip. In a pinch it'll do even contraceptive. Before using the component parts of the future of the pipette should be thoroughly disinfected.
Of course, in man-made pipettes is no graduated scale, but if necessary, you can make a trial digging on the skin of the hands, and then move to emergency treatment of the patient. For these purposes you can adapt a conventional disposable syringe, removing the needle. In this case, turn the pipette even with graduated division.
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