You will need
  • Stew (beef, pork) - 1/2 banks.
  • Tomato paste (if not replaced ketchup) to taste.
  • Salt, spices, herbs - to taste.
  • Flour - teaspoon.
  • Water - 1/2 Cup.
Open the tins and put half the contents into the pan. Oil is not necessary, as by itself, corned beef is pretty fatty.
Heat on medium heat the stew until all the fat melts.
Add to the stew water. Stirring occasionally, wait until boil.
When it boils, add tomato paste (ketchup), salt, spices. Stir until uniform colour.
Carefully, slowly, pour a little flour to our sauce, while stirring constantly. Flour is needed to thicken the gravy, so if you like liquid - add a little flour, and if you're a fan of the thick gravy - pour more.
Once finished with the flour, allow gravy to simmer for another 30 seconds. You can then add herbs to taste and cover with lid. Turn off the oven and leave our gravy minutes for 3-5 infusions.

Tasty and simple gravy from the stew is ready! Bon appetit!