The first dish of the stew venison

In the case of the preparation of first courses, you can often face the fact that time, this process must be much more expected. First of all you need to cook the broth, then fill it with vegetables and other ingredients, and then wait for the end of cooking. In the case of a stew of venison, all much faster and easier. This soup can be cooked literally in thirty minutes. It's enough to add content in any canned vegetable broth, then boil the resulting soup 10-15 minutes. Add herbs and seasoning to taste.

Second dishes of corned venison

Using stew venison can be cooked many delicious dishes. For example, vegetable stew with venison, Cesena potatoes with venison, roast ABC, and more. They mainly are cooked following classic recipes. Only at the end when this is added to stew venison.

Two cans of corned venison can come to the rescue, if, for example, suddenly came the guests, and they need a quick and tasty feed. In such a situation, you can make a delicious casserole with a stew of venison. The recipe this dish is very simple. Must be boiled mash of a couple pounds of boiled potatoes. Add the beaten egg and butter. While the potato is in the process of cooking, you can fry some onions and then mix them with the contents of canned food. Her pre-fork will separate into individual fibers. Form for baking grease with vegetable oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs or semolina. Here at the beginning put half of the cooked puree. From top to distribute venison with roasted onions. Make the top layer of the remaining puree. The surface of the food can be lubricated with mayonnaise or sour cream, sprinkle it with cheese, pre-grated. All of this bake in the oven until crust. Such a beautiful and delicious dish will be satisfied by all guests.

Dishes of venison stew for the nature

Stew of venison to take to the cottage or perhaps at camping. You can cook on the fire any cereal or pasta. They will be much tastier if add at the end another tin of corned venison. It will be delicious and hearty dish that can add strength and energy. This meat is now considered a valuable and diet. It is low in fat, plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals.