The main methods of removing the old antivirus

There are five main ways to remove old antivirus program from your system: control panel, using the folder "My computer", through the installation of a new antivirus with the app to uninstall, rollback system.

Uninstall through control panel

Removing the first method is the most common. To do this, go to control panel, go to "add or remove programs" from the list that appears in select your antivirus and click the delete button.

Deleting the folder through "My computer"

The second method is the most versatile. Open the folder "My computer", go to the local drive where you installed the anti-virus, select the desired folder, most often the Program Files looking for a folder called antivirus program that is provided, and press the key combination Shift+Delete.
Often the antivirus program installed in the following path: C:\Program Files\ folder antivirus.

Removal via the installation of a new antivirus

Install a new antivirus method is not always suitable. Not all antivirus software during the installation asks for the procedure of removing the old program. The essence of this method consists in the following: run the installation of the new antivirus standard click "Next". Before the installation window appears with a message about the detection of the installed antivirus, the bottom of the window click "Remove".
In any case, should not be installed on the computer two or more antiviruses!

Removal with the help of special applications

The fourth method is similar with the first. The principle of removing here is one and the same. The difference is that you must install one of the applications to uninstall programs. Here are some of them: Revo Uninstaller, TuneUp Utilities, Uninstall Tool, CCleaner.

To uninstall using the rollback system

The last way is the most radical. It should be resorted to in very exceptional cases.
When you roll back system removed not only the antivirus but programs installed after the restore date.
The mechanism works as follows: in utilities, open the app "system Restore", follow the instructions specify the date, start the recovery procedure.