You will need
  • Kaspersky anti-virus, registry, Uninstall Tool
Open the "start" and go to "control Panel". Select "add or remove programs". Search the list of programs Kaspersky antivirus and click "Uninstall". You will be offered three options: modify, repair or remove. Choose third.
Uninstalling is the first step to the removal of the antivirus program from your computer. After that, go to "start" again and select "Search". Enter key word is "kaspersky", "kav" and try to find them. All found leftover files delete manually.
Finally, the time has come to remove all records of Kaspersky from the registry. It will also have to be done manually. Go to start > Run and type "regedit". Opens the registry editor. Be careful not to remove necessary system files.
In the editor, click the registry tab in the "edit > Find" and enter the same key search words you used to search on the hard disk. Delete every line, and then press F3 (find next). Clean the registry from the records of the Kaspersky anti-virus as long as the search does not tell you that the object is no more.
If you do not want to perform all these steps manually, select the program to uninstall (e.g. the Uninstall Tool), which in addition to the usual removal program will eliminate her records in the registry system.