Advice 1: How to remove the old license Kaspersky

Working with computer, especially if you have a permanent Internet connection, connected with many dangers from malicious programs (viruses. And one of the most popular means of personal computer protection is Kaspersky — KAV and its older version of KIS. For one reason or another, users need to remove the license key of Kaspersky. This can be done without the help of additional resources in just a minute.
How to remove the old license Kaspersky
Open the antivirus by double-clicking on the program icon in the system tray near the clock, or the icon from the desktop. Both options are equal. Look at the bottom of the window says "License: left ...days" and click on it. This is true for the 2011 version. About features version 2012 is indicated in paragraph 5.
A window will appear with information about your key and the cross of red. If you have a clear idea of what exactly is delete — tap the cross. In the appeared message box click Yes to confirm your desire.
Close the window license management. You have successfully removed the old key, it confirms the message at the bottom of the window. Please note, no license is installed the program will not work at all, then there is no protection of the computer will not be produced.
Not recommended removing key anti-virus using third-party programs and utilities, most often it is a fraudulent program that will prompt you to download and install, perhaps, for a certain amount of text. The delete key does not mean the counter reset trial period of using the program. Do not believe messages like Keys Kaspersky free download if you do not want to pay for using the program, go to use free antivirus products like Avast or Avira.
The process of deleting the license key in the release version of KAV/KIS 2012 is not much different from that described above. The only difference is that instead of writing "License: left ... days" at the bottom of the program window is a button "Manage licenses". Further actions are identical in both versions of the virus.
Once you get a new license key, install it in the program. To do this, run Kaspersky, then click the button at the bottom of the window "license Management". A window will appear in which you specify the location of your key file and select it.
If you have purchased a new version of the antivirus, then just insert the disk into the drive, the installer itself will remove the old license and then installs the new virus. After the computer restarts, a window will appear with the request activation code. It is printed on paper that is shipped with the license disk.
The delete key does not mean the counter reset trial period of using the program.

Advice 2: How to install Kaspersky from disc

Antivirus Kaspersky Lab products deserved their popularity, after all, quite a few competing solutions can match them in reliability and ease of use. In addition, the antivirus this company can be easily purchased at the nearest store that sells software.
How to install Kaspersky from disc
You will need
  • PC with Internet access
  • License disk with the program Kaspersky anti-virus
By purchasing Kaspersky anti-virus on the drive, please note that you will be offering different duration of the license. Most popular – six months and a year, sometimes you can meet antivirus with license for three months. Naturally, their price will vary greatly. Buy what you can afford, but don't forget that the longer the term of the license, the cheaper it will cost in the calculation for one month. Thus, by purchasing a license for an entire year, then you will save.
Before installing the program make sure that the computer is not installed any antivirus product, because if you install two or more antivirus programs, the consequences can be unpredictable, preliminary removal programs of this class, you need to take care in advance.
After you insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive, the installation program will start automatically. Click next. You will be prompted to read the license agreement, click "I agree". The next step will be the offering from Kaspersky Lab to participate in Kaspersky Security Network. If you agree to provide information about new threats, check the box and click next. The installation will continue.
After the installation is complete you will be prompted to activate your copy of the program. This will require the activation code located inside the box from under the disc and the Internet. Enter your activation code in the designated field. After that a form will appear where you will need to specify your email, name and country. After a few seconds you will be connected with the server and registration of the program will be finished. Click next and finish.
Booting, the antivirus will appear in the system tray, but your actions can not be considered completed until the end, now you need to perform a virus database update. Move the mouse cursor on the the antivirus icon, click the right mouse button, and then in bold lettering Kaspersky anti-virus. In the left menu, choose "update" and "upgrade". This procedure can last from several minutes to a few hours, after which the Kaspersky anti-virus will be fully prepared to work.
When you activate the antivirus make sure your computer is connected to the Internet to register this program requires a connection to the server at Kaspersky Lab
Useful advice
If your PC is running Windows 7, during installation you may be prompted to enter the administrator password

Advice 3: How to save Kaspersky license

Very often, many antivirus programs license key is stored in a separate file on the hard disk in the folder of the installed program. In this case, the preservation of the license by copying it. In the anti-virus system Kaspersky all looks a bit complicated.
How to save Kaspersky license
If you have access to the Internet, open a browser and paste into the address bar address Following the instructions, you will receive a new key for use antivirus Kaspersky based on the old after reinstalling. For this you will need to enter data in the appropriate fields.
If the network connection is unavailable to you, use the alternative method of data migration programs using the Windows operating system registry. Before you uninstall the antivirus virus from your computer, open using the menu "start" "Execute" item. You have on the screen a small window will appear with a blank line, type in it Regedit and press Enter.
In appeared on the screen, the registry editor in the left part of it open the directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/SystemCertificates/SPC and save it to a separate folder on your computer or removable media in the form of a Windows registry file.
Find the directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/KasperskyLab/LicStorage, repeat exactly the same steps as described in the previous paragraph. Note the format of both files should be the value .reg after the name.
Reinstall the operating system on your computer, install the distro of the antivirus of Kasperskythat was installed last time, make all these changes in the registry of the new Windows. Also this operation can be done in that case, if you want to use antivirus on another computer, in this case, use a removable drive. However, be careful, desirable condition – like operating systems. Otherwise, your antivirus may just not start.
Be careful when working with the registry because errors often lead to irreversible consequences.
Useful advice
Install licensed version of antivirus systems.

Advice 4: How to remove old antivirus

Reasons for removal of the old antivirus can be set. Incorrect work of the program, incompatibility with the system preference to another anti-virus, well, or due to the obsolescence of the installed version. Proper and competent removal is a guarantee of stable and effective work of the new antivirus.
How to remove old antivirus

The main methods of removing the old antivirus

There are five main ways to remove old antivirus program from your system: control panel, using the folder "My computer", through the installation of a new antivirus with the app to uninstall, rollback system.

Uninstall through control panel

Removing the first method is the most common. To do this, go to control panel, go to "add or remove programs" from the list that appears in select your antivirus and click the delete button.

Deleting the folder through "My computer"

The second method is the most versatile. Open the folder "My computer", go to the local drive where you installed the anti-virus, select the desired folder, most often the Program Files looking for a folder called antivirus program that is provided, and press the key combination Shift+Delete.
Often the antivirus program installed in the following path: C:\Program Files\ folder antivirus.

Removal via the installation of a new antivirus

Install a new antivirus method is not always suitable. Not all antivirus software during the installation asks for the procedure of removing the old program. The essence of this method consists in the following: run the installation of the new antivirus standard click "Next". Before the installation window appears with a message about the detection of the installed antivirus, the bottom of the window click "Remove".
In any case, should not be installed on the computer two or more antiviruses!

Removal with the help of special applications

The fourth method is similar with the first. The principle of removing here is one and the same. The difference is that you must install one of the applications to uninstall programs. Here are some of them: Revo Uninstaller, TuneUp Utilities, Uninstall Tool, CCleaner.

To uninstall using the rollback system

The last way is the most radical. It should be resorted to in very exceptional cases.
When you roll back system removed not only the antivirus but programs installed after the restore date.
The mechanism works as follows: in utilities, open the app "system Restore", follow the instructions specify the date, start the recovery procedure.
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