Antivirus software (or indeed any other program) should not just be removed as, for example, a simple text file, a song, image, etc. Such removal can cause system conflict, because following the antivirus may not work properly because of a wrong file remote software are still left in the system. These residues are also very important. Antiviruses are developing strongly, and obviously, they need a special utility, continuously monitors malicious software. Get rid of protection, you need a fully – deleting all the system files.
First of all, to correctly remove many of the antivirus software by going to the following address: •start
•Control panel
•Install and uninstall programtm need to look at the list of antivirus and select "uninstall". This is called the correct distance. You can also delete a little differently: •start
•All programs
•Look antivirusnaya directory, select "remove" or "uninstall"
If these resources correctly uninstall antivirus not (which sometimes happens), you need to go to the official website of antivirus. For example, some versions of Kaspersky are removed only by special application. Download this app on the official website of Kaspersky ( is called the Utility of deleting of products of Laboratory of Kaspersky.
And if for some reason produced incorrect removal of the antivirus program, you need to thoroughly clean the system in order to prevent errors in the future. Best download removal tool IObit Security 360, to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and remove errors in the system, the registry, etc.