Advice 1: What kind of film you can watch about love teenagers

Palette of recent films about teenage love variety. Here and classic stories about falling in love young people from different backgrounds, and movies about the first unconscious feeling, which is awakened to the person of the same sex, and the feeling of first love, which breaks on the first betrayal. I am glad that films about happy love too.
Frame from the movie "the Game of the hanged man" (El juego del ahorcado)
Of the story about teen love rarely talk about happy love. Although there are some fabulous movies about the fairy of love: a modern interpretation of the old fairy tales. But most of this movies sad, because they are about growing up, which a priori can not be painful: growing up and body and soul, when pure, universal love is confronted with everyday life, with the world hostile.

What kind of movies you can watch from the left in recent years? For example: "Twilight," "Sex, party and lies", "three Sketches", "a beautiful mind", "the Game of the hanged man," "Summer rain," "Inadequate people", "Three meters above the sky", "Cold shower", "walk to remember", "the Life of Adele".

Sad story

"Summer rain" (El camino de los ingleses, 2006) - the directorial debut of Antonio Banderas, perhaps nostalgic about his own youth: the story of four friends and their girl friends. Each has their own history, but they are trying to start a real adult life with sex, money, betrayal and death. It's almost poetic, but very sad story.

"Sex, party and lies" (Mentiras y gordas, 2009) - a film about the dependencies that are so attractive in my youth, when I want to try everything at once, when there is no common sense can't keep from stupid trouble. In search of happiness movie characters do in what does not deny. But it is impossible to find happiness if the one you love, loves you.

"Your heart may be an abandoned house or street, which sometimes is happiness..."

"Three etudes" - a story about students in art College. There are three of them and they are talented, romantic and passionate. And two friends are in love with one girl and she meets them both back. The three of us happiness really possible? After almost a year they will be together. But all things must end and learning, and feeling, which can be divided into three. Before the heroine of the film appears dilemma which of the two will it stay? The movie is open-ended.

"The game of the hanged man" (El juego del ahorcado, 2008) - the girl and the boy met in early childhood, together, fooling around, learning, growth. He was her friend, and she for him from the very beginning was the only one. But one day her grown-up girl was a trouble and the young man failed to save her, but got revenge. Now they were tied up and another mystery crime and the sense of foreboding.

"Three meters above the sky" (Tres metros sobre el cielo, 2010) - bold beautiful young man with an explosive temper, biker from bad company and everyone's favorite, touching meets a girl from a good family, studying at the Catholic College. From the first moment, at first glance run between them not sparks and fireworks. But what attracted them to each other, and it also lit by the blast of the characters destroyed the fragile relationship. But maybe not forever?

"Love can't be ugly."
"Love is never ugly"

"Cold souls" (Douches froides, 2005) - seventeen year old boy, for whom his success in sports can be a ticket from a poor family to a better life, in love with his sexy friend, meet a guy from a rich family who becomes his friend. Threesome friendship develops into love-battle and farewell to youthful illusions.

"Adele's life" (La Vie d'adèle, 2013) - the ordinary girl from an ordinary family, an ordinary school, with ordinary dreams of love and a little bit in love with a good boy meets girl with blue hair. And the generality and commonness to pieces because of the feelings between them.

Happy story

"A beautiful mind" (Beastly, 2011) - history-tale, transferred to modern life. A very beautiful boy, whose beauty is the measure of all things, for his bad character cast a spell, turning into a monster. Spell it may be the only one that really loves him. And this, of course, exist. And they will save each other.

"Twilight" - a beautiful girl moves into a small town where her dad lived. On the first day of school she meets a handsome strange young man, the sight of which fascinates and captivates her... smell. And no matter what he will be a vampire and his whole family are vampires and in love with her still and the other boy is a werewolf, whose entire family is like that. The main thing – it is tough love.

"-I have a feeling that if I leave now — you're going to jump out the window".
"-Would I brush my teeth, if your going to kill yourself?"

"Inadequate people" (2011) – schoolgirl with a difficult character and a sharp tongue twitched with living the life of a mother and without a father, met an adult man who suddenly became a neighbor on the landing. A seemingly banal story: she can not not fall in love with a beautiful young neighbor. But the neighbor, quite adequate people, only suffering from a slight mental disorder – sudden aggression, falls in love with a youngster. Surprisingly clean, Comedy film with a single kiss in the final.

A walk to remember (A Walk to Remember, 2002) – a film about happiness, which gives love, albeit with a sad ending, as the heroine dies. But before she dies, she will be happy, because the school meet a careless young man, handsome school – his only love. The path to each other they will have difficult: after initial rejection, the machinations of high school girls rival parent the custody of a strict father, but they will win everything, get married and be happy.

Teenagers always want to be as soon as possible to become adults. Their experiences are hypertrophied and dramatic, because everything is comprehended for the first time. And first love is always romantic, but first love is not always the case.

Advice 2: The best books about teenage love

First love in the life of a teenager is one of the most joyous and sometimes painful experiences. For some, it remains but a fleeting memory for someone- a watershed event in my life. From ancient times to the present day writers and poets constantly refer to this topic.
Frame from the film "You can not dream" based on the novel by Galina Shcherbakova

Teenage love in classical literature

Perhaps the best available in the world of teenage love is the well-known tragedy by William Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet". However, the love of her characters is very Mature and conscious, but, unfortunately, leads to a sad ending.

One of the novels of Ivan Turgenev called "First love" is autobiographical and tells the love story of the young Volodya to the young and beautiful Zinaida, which is suddenly the sweetheart of his father.

Teenage love through the eyes of writers of the twentieth and twenty-first century

Lots of wonderful books on teenage love written in the second half of the twentieth. One of them – "wild dog Dingo or a Tale of first love," Reuben Fraerman. It has love, friendship, jealousy, and again – not a happy ending. Two more books about the awakening of the first feelings in the hearts of the young savages – "Dink" Valentina Oseeva and "Dubravka" Radium Pogodin.

About the collapse of the first young love told in a fascinating adventure novels by Anatoly Rybakov "Shot" and "Vacation Crumbling".

With young love starts with the story of Sled Grigoriev and Katya Tatarinova in the novel Veniamin Kaverin "Two captains". Moreover, it describes a very rare case, when the heroes manage to save his love and in adult life.

Very interesting story by Galina Shcherbakova, "You never dreamed of" and "Desperate autumn". "You can not dream", in fact, is a modern version of "Romeo and Juliet". "Desperate autumn" - the story of a love "quadrangle", in which none of the characters never finds happiness.

"Tomorrow was the war" by Boris Vasilyev – the story about the Stalin era, faith in a happy future, it crossed the war, and about first love. For some, this love will turn out disappointing, for someone- a lost dream, but for someone initially will be mutual and happy, but then will be ruined by the war.

About love and jealousy raging in young hearts, tells a series of stories Lyudmila Matveeva, "the Inhabitants of Lunar Boulevard.

Among the modern foreign literature on the theme of teenage love, a special popularity has acquired "Heat" Kate petty, "Girls in search of love" Jacqueline Wilson, "Real magic" by Alice Hoffman and "vampire" story by Stephenie Meyer "Twilight".

There are many books dedicated to the first love of teenagers living in different times and in different countries, and all of them tell about the sincerity and fragility of this beautiful feeling.

Advice 3: What movies to watch teen

Teen movies usually tell stories about kids whose age ranges from 12 to 17 years. They are instructive and reveal the challenges of self-development, life choices and relationships between children and parents.
What movies to watch teen
Recently one of the most popular and heartwarming films about Teens is a painting, published in 2012, "Good children do not cry." The main character of this wonderful picture was a twelve year old girl ECCI, which, despite their femininity and attractiveness, was a real Tomboy. She loved to play football and hooligans. Once between a schoolgirl and her classmate and a fight ensued, after which the girl was in the hospital. There she and her parents learned that Akki sick with leukemia.
Another interesting teenage movie was filmed in 1995. It's called "Hate". The story unfolds in a Paris ghetto-the quarter and show the viewer one day in the life of students, which occurs immediately after the riots that were provoked by the terrible police brutality against one of the local guys.
"Triumph: History Rhone Clark" is another movie that is worth seeing the teenagers. It is based on real life events. The main character is a young teacher Ron Clark, who moved from North Carolina to new York and found work in one of the Harlem schools. This teacher had his own methods of training and unbreakable faith in his disciples. Because of this, he forced the children to believe in themselves and to show good results during a passing state exams.
Another teen movie "Have dreams, will travel" is dramatic. The protagonist of this stunning picture twelve - year-old boy, Ben. He lives with his parents in the state of Texas. The boy's parents have a complicated relationship, because the mother is no different allegiance and ready to change her husband with every man that looked like a star. The father of the family tries not to pay attention to such antics of his wife, and all his spare time devotes to repair the boat, which nobody wants. Everything changes when family's house and gets the little girl Cassie, miraculously survived the accident, but lost her parents. Ben and Cassie quickly found a common language and decided to run away from home to Baltimore.
In 2004 was published the teen Comedy "Eurotrip". This is a story about the company American Teens who decided to go on an entertaining journey through Europe. During your stay they are faced with a crazy, but very funny adventures.
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