What is worth seeing from movies about love with teenagers

If you look at the pictures about love among teenagers, primarily, is to provide a film like melodrama "Three meters above the sky". It shows the meeting of two absolutely different young people who will create a beautiful love story. Babi - a girl from a rich family, good and innocent. ACSA also represents a rebellious boy, prone to risk and danger. But even such completely different people in the end the first time meet in the tube, then the relationship tie at the party. In addition to the first part of this picture, there is a no less interesting sequel "Three meters above the sky. I want you".
Rumor has it that the second film also is not the last, as it is planned to remove the third part of the picture "Three meters above the sky".

Not indifferent to the plot of the Russian film "All will die, I will remain." The film tells the story of three ninth-graders - Katya, Vika and Zhanna. The school announced that soon there will be a disco, to which girls begin to prepare for the week.
In the end, this becomes a very unexpected evening for each of the characters ' abruptly ends their childhood and the entry into adulthood.

You can highlight another great film about teenage love - a walk to remember. This stunning film shows a meeting brutal, but insanely beautiful Landon Carter and nondescript, modest excellent student Jamie.

What else can you see paintings with a sense of teenagers

Among comedies can distinguish a good movie "She - male". The movie shows the life of a girl who considers himself the best player in football but the young lads do not want to take, because she's a girl. In the end, she changes into a boy and gets the team. This Comedy was created not only in order to amuse the viewers. She can tell that from any situation you can find the exit.

Fans of Comedy can you recommend a movie that was filmed in 2009. It's called "17 again". The film tells about the life tridtsatisemiletny loser Mike, who work out of trouble, his wife a divorce, the children are ignored. One day, Mike discovers that he was once again seventeen years old. As a consequence a young guy decides to change his life completely, and help their children to solve their personal problems at school.

Currently filmed enough movies with Teens about love, and drama, and the journey. Everyone will find that the movie that required him to enjoy it.