Recently one of the most popular and heartwarming films about Teens is a painting, published in 2012, "Good children do not cry." The main character of this wonderful picture was a twelve year old girl ECCI, which, despite their femininity and attractiveness, was a real Tomboy. She loved to play football and hooligans. Once between a schoolgirl and her classmate and a fight ensued, after which the girl was in the hospital. There she and her parents learned that Akki sick with leukemia.
Another interesting teenage movie was filmed in 1995. It's called "Hate". The story unfolds in a Paris ghetto-the quarter and show the viewer one day in the life of students, which occurs immediately after the riots that were provoked by the terrible police brutality against one of the local guys.
"Triumph: History Rhone Clark" is another movie that is worth seeing the teenagers. It is based on real life events. The main character is a young teacher Ron Clark, who moved from North Carolina to new York and found work in one of the Harlem schools. This teacher had his own methods of training and unbreakable faith in his disciples. Because of this, he forced the children to believe in themselves and to show good results during a passing state exams.
Another teen movie "Have dreams, will travel" is dramatic. The protagonist of this stunning picture twelve - year-old boy, Ben. He lives with his parents in the state of Texas. The boy's parents have a complicated relationship, because the mother is no different allegiance and ready to change her husband with every man that looked like a star. The father of the family tries not to pay attention to such antics of his wife, and all his spare time devotes to repair the boat, which nobody wants. Everything changes when family's house and gets the little girl Cassie, miraculously survived the accident, but lost her parents. Ben and Cassie quickly found a common language and decided to run away from home to Baltimore.
In 2004 was published the teen Comedy "Eurotrip". This is a story about the company American Teens who decided to go on an entertaining journey through Europe. During your stay they are faced with a crazy, but very funny adventures.