Whether to believe in superstitions?

Brides are mostly very superstitious, because the wedding is not only the ceremonial but also the most important day of your life. There is a sign that you can not measure someone else's wedding dress, believe it or not – business of everyone. However, numerous stories about unhappy marriages, associated with non-traditional wedding ceremonies, at times thought-provoking even the most ardent skeptics.
Stories about unhappy owners of the diamond, which systematically had befallen, and make you think about whether it is possible to wear someone else's wedding dress, even the skeptical minded brides.

Special energy things

Wedding dress is the Central element of celebration and therefore, his choice of the girls are especially sensitive. Our recent ancestors sewed wedding dresses independently well before the event, and decorated them with embroideries and precious stones. It was considered that they are stored in a particular energy, and therefore to wear someone else's dress meant to take over someone else's destiny. Currently all became much easier, Bridal salons offer a huge selection of wedding dresses for every taste, color and purse. Less superstitious bride stop your attention on dresses rent, because they are much cheaper. However, if the girl at least once thought about what wedding dress so one way or another will affect her fate, it is better to buy an outfit, so you do not make it the cause of all their misfortunes.
Trying on wedding dress grandmother or mother, the bride not only attracts the future of the positive energy of their marriages, but also strengthens the relationship between generations on the energy level.

What does "foreign" dress?

Since when can be considered dress a "stranger"? When someone bought it, held it for a wedding ceremony or the moment it was tried on in the Bridal salon? It is believed that wedding dress is taking over the energy of the owner from the date of purchase, as the bride lives mentally your ceremony, presenting yourself in it. Superstitious brides who fear to repeat in my personal life the fate of the former lady dresses, it is better not to risk and order custom tailoring.

The reverse of the medal

Experienced people often warn inexperienced brides from they in any case were not allowed to judge your wedding dress "benevolent" friends, lest they steal their family fortune, luck and well-being. Moreover, the sign says that girls Malaysia the wrong wedding dress, you risk to never go down the aisle and not find happiness in his personal life. True or not nobody knows, but unmarried ladies better safe from jokes of doom and do not measure other people's dresses. But we should not forget that those who categorically does not believe in omens and fate, practically immune to energy attacks.