If justified misgivings about kissing with braces?

Doctors say that fear of kissing with braces is not necessary, because this design keeps the teeth quite firmly. Fears that if these kisses have the ability to hurt lips, unfounded, as modern braces are very accurate, quality and safe.

Unless you very strongly to put pressure on them, no risk to get hurt. However, it is necessary not to forget about caring for this design, as well as to consider their own feelings when a kiss that should not be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

How to kiss with braces on teeth

To kiss with braces on your teeth can be and the boys and girls. But be especially careful if the design is both. In this case, it is not recommended to resort to overly active and hard kisses, otherwise the locks are able to hold on to each other.
The most secure are considered the lingual Incognito system equipped with the miniature flat and snaps. Kissing with these braces, you can't cut yourself.

If you have lingual braces, to worry about the convenience of kisses don't have to. Such systems are fixed to the inside of the teeth, they therefore, these braces can not hurt your lips and the risk of injury of the language is minimal.

However, still do not forget that your mouth braces installed, if you want to kiss. No need to hurry the process of kissing. Make the lips delicate and smooth movements.
Over time, you will be able to afford to show more passion to your partner, but first you should get used to your orthodontic system.

But to give up kissing for the reason that you have braces, definitely don't need. Most patients who use these structures agree that the braces are practically not impair their personal life, but kissing with the lips and tongue play a special role.

The only thing that can you kiss with such a design is the various fears and complexes. Here you can advise the following: don't let braces special attention. In modern times these systems is almost no surprise, and many people live with them rich personal life. So that kissing while wearing braces can, don't limit this pleasure to yourself and your loved one at the time of treatment.