At what age put braces

Braces are installed in the following cases: to pull the tooth when improperly eruption, in the presence of between teeth spaces, if need to move teeth. Children 10-13 years, as a rule, put special removable devices – Capa and records. Because in childhood the occlusion is not formed, to fix it quite easily. At a later age put braces. Full treatment with braces is after we got all the permanent teeth (in adolescence). In adolescents for the correction of the bite is considered the age of 12-13 years later to correct the violation becomes much more difficult.
In some cases, at the age of 9-10 years (until the change of teeth) is performed early in the treatment of partial braces.

Teeth alignment can be performed in adults, the upper age limit of such patients quite blurred – it all depends on the condition of the teeth. In Western literature describes cases of such patients older than 80 years. To correct the already formed malocclusion in adults apply to only non-removable braces.

How to put braces

Braces are fixed to the outer or inner surface of the teeth using a special material. Today, there are several types of braces: metal, ceramic, lingual. The cheapest metal, the most expensive - lingual, they are mounted on the inner surface of the teeth and are almost invisible to others. The most popular recognized ceramic device.

Before installing the braces need to be examined, and then the preparation of the oral cavity, in which are made casts of the jaws from the plaster, carried out sanitation of the oral cavity. The process of alignment of the row of teeth starts as soon as the slot of each bracket will be installed a special arc that puts pressure on the teeth and causes them to shift.
Before installing the braces need to heal caries and gum disease.

The installation of braces is painless, but later can cause unpleasant sensations: rubbing the buccal mucosa or lips fixed devices, pain when biting on teeth. The duration of such feelings may continue for 3-5 days. Depending on the condition of the teeth braces need to be worn from one year to three years under regular medical supervision. After that to secure the result the patient required a while to use a special removable plate.