Burgundy bag – Royal luxury

Burgundy color is unusual and attractive. It is refined, understated, natural elegance. Burgundy color is not always unambiguous, because it has a lot of shades. The most popular tones with red-brown and black-and-scarlet shade, however, often meet and berry options.
Products of Burgundy color look expensive and impressive. Therefore, you should carefully monitor the tidiness of the bag. Also important appearance of clothes and shoes: they must be clean, pressed, stylish.

Bag the Burgundy color is a great leader of your appearance. To do this, create a suitable "base". Best with a daunting task to manage clothing light natural shades: beige, light brown, sand.

Indisputable classic of the compatibility of a "maroon and black". This tandem will be ideal for a passionate date, or formal events. Burgundy bag against the black dresses will give you the kind of sensual, sexy and mysterious.

Do not be afraid to wear a Burgundy bag with bright and light shades. The rich color is perfectly "get along" with white, pale yellow, pastel pink, mint. Also Burgundy accessory will look stunning against the light khaki and gray-green tones.

Introducing the way maroon bag, carefully approach the selection of shoes. Stylists recommend to wear shoes identical to accessory color only in two cases: when combined with black or beige. Today, however, even such a "connection" is practiced very rarely. Best company for Burgundy bags are considered to be black, brown, graphite and nude shades.

Burgundy bag in the ensemble: a bold mix of

With Burgundy bag you can easily transform your ensemble. Beautiful rich color in a new way reveals the usual shades, giving them a new sound. With red bag, you will look sexy but not provocatively.

Exactly so feel free to wear a bright accessory with the clothes of office style, as does Victoria Beckham. Chic bag will look with clothes graphite and black colors. Less noticeable it will show itself when connecting to the brown and chocolate suit. In the latter cases, avoid black shoes.
The Burgundy bag is a great way to Express their sensuality. Elegant color of accessory will not go unnoticed, and for others you will open.

Burgundy bag perfectly complement the white costume. To support the accessory, choose a blouse and shoes to match. Also not superfluous will be simple additions. For example, red belt or a brooch is flower.

Not dangerous Burgundy bag for everyday style. Creating a set note on model Miranda Kerr: she is not afraid of juicy combinations. To bulk the bag of the hue of ripe cherries celebrity wore a tight bright green trousers with orange floral print chiffon translucent top. Shoes Kerr picked up a simple and almost invisible: Nude sandals with thin straps on the heels.