You will need
  • - Computer with Windows;
  • program Advanced Archive Password Recovery.
Almost the only way to access information in zaparolenoe files is to find the correct password. This, of course, not talking about hand-sifting of characters, because it's impossible. Here can help special programs. One such program is called Advanced Archive Password Recovery. Find it on the Internet and download. If necessary, install it on the computer (not all versions of the program need to install).
Run the program. Now we must act, depending on the archive type. If you need to open the Zip archive, then follow the steps as follows. In the main program menu has the parameter "Type of attack", next to which is the arrow. Click on it and select "Guaranteed decryption Zip". Next, click on "Open". Using the browse select the desired files. Will start the decryption process. The password for the archive will be written in the report, which will appear after the operation is completed.
If necessary, decrypt Rar archive the procedure is as follows. Go to the tab "Length". There are two values: a minimum and maximum password length. Of course, if you know the exact number of symbols in it, then you need to set this number as the minimum and maximum. If you don't know exactly how many characters is the password, the value of the "Minimum length" set to "1" and for values of "Maximum length" - "7". Then click "Open" and specify the path to the files. After the archive is selected, the process of selection of the password is activated.
In advance please be patient. This is a very long process. A lot depends on password length and power of your computer. Load it with other operations while the decryption process is not desirable. The results of decoding are included in the report. If the operation password is successful, in this report you will find the password.