Advice 1: How to remove the password to the zip file

Probably not users who had not had to deal with archives. The advantage of archives is not only that you can compress information, but in the fact that you can put passwords on them, thereby limiting access to the file. But sometimes due to negligence it is possible to set a password and after some time forget it. Also recently, the Internet spread the backup files with passwords. But to get to the file access, you need to pay for the password.
How to remove the password to the zip file
You will need
  • Computer;
  • program ARCHPR.
In such situations, the question immediately arises about the possibility of removing the password of the archive. Although just to remove the password is not possible because the files inside these archives are encrypted. The only way is the method of iteration. There are programs that allow you to do it, and if in the case of rar-archive to define a password is problematic, since much depends on the length and types of characters, in the case of zip files, things are different, and the chance to successfully decode the password a lot more.
Download the latest version of ARCHPR and install it on the computer. Run the program. In its menu click "Open". After using the browse to locate the desired archive, select it with the left mouse button, then the bottom of the window, click "Open". Now in the main program menu, locate the setting "Type of attack". Click on the arrow under this option and select the "Guaranteed decryption of WinZip". After that, the menu program press "Start". Now a lot depends on the version of the archiver, which was created this archive. If it used an early version of the archiver, the chances of decoding is higher, if the new version, the chances of a successful outcome of the fall.
If the previous method did not help you, in the parameter "Type of attack" click "Search". Then go to the tab "Length". In a situation with zip files, install a length of one to ten characters. Of course, if you know the exact number of characters, for example, if you rasterbate your personal archive password and simply forgot, then you just need to the minimum and maximum column to supply the same value. Now press "Start". Will start the process of finding the password. Be prepared for a long wait completion may be delayed for more than ten hours). After the operation is completed a report will appear. If all goes well, the password will be there.

Advice 2: How to put a password on rar archive

If you want to protect from prying eyes something is important enough for you, then the easiest way to do that is to pack something in the archive and seal it with a password. Below - instructions how to do it in one of the most popular archiveWinRar light.
How to put a password on rar archive
To put the password directly in the process archiveation files. To do this, select all the files you want to package, click the right mouse button and select "add to archive". Please note - just "add to archive" without the name of the future archive, and not a neighboring point with the name! This item is needed to archiveATOR before the package files showed us the additional settings window. In this window go to the "Advanced" tab and click "Set password" - will be an additional window where you need to enter the password. There are two additional options - "Show the password while entering" allows you to see the letters/numbers that you will enter. If you tick on this option is not set, then everything you type will be hidden, and typing it will take twice to check that you are not wrong, typing "blind". And the second option ("Encrypt file names") determines whether it is possible without a password to see the file names in the archive,i.e. by Entering the password, press "OK" and again "OK" to start the archiveation.
Archiving with password
At the end of the process archiveation make sure everything turned out - will try to open the archive. If we don't put a tick on the option "Encrypt file names", then double click on the file will show us the contents of the archive. Asterisks next to the names of the files indicate that opening them will require a password. Make sure double click on any document archivee brings up a dialog to enter a password:
The password-protected archives
Should you pay attention to the choice of password. If we really want to protect their secrets, it is not necessary to play along with those from whom we are protected. Here are some tips from the manufacturer WinRar about what not to do when choosing a password:--- quote - do not use login details to access the computer in any form (doubled with the changed register, and Vice versa, etc.); - do not use your first name, middle name or last name in any form; - do not use names of spouse, child or close relatives;- do not use other personal information from public sources (the number and make of car, street name, phone number, etc.);- do not use a passwordconsisting of letters or numbers - this greatly reduces the time of selection for burglars;- don't use words from dictionaries of any language or words commonly used in everyday speech;- do not use a password shorter than six characters.--- the end cautiously to choose the right password, the enemies will be only one way - through all the possible combinations (so-called "brute-force" attack). Because the length of the password archiveand can reach a length of 127 characters, then, according to the manufacturer archiveatora, to hack it you will need a whole century...

Advice 3: How to make a zip archive

Archivers are programs that optimize the file for sending by email, reducing their size, or just storage. WinRar is the most convenient program-archiver, as confirmed by the high demand for it among users of personal computers.
How to make a zip archive
You will need
  • computer;
  • - WinRar or other archiver.
Download software WinRar for PC from the official website of the developer. Install according to the instructions of the installation wizard.
Select the files that will be included in the archive. This is done by simultaneous pressing on them with the left mouse button and the Ctrl key. Click on the selected files, right-click, select "add files to archive". You will have a window of WinRar.
Configure archive settings. Select method of file compression – max will change their size to a minimum, but the time to create the archive will spend more than if you select other options. If necessary, perform a breakdown of the archive files of a certain size – usually this is required for writing to removable media to a certain extent.
If you want add to archive additional files, click the "Browse" button, which is located in the upper right corner. You can add an unlimited amount of data. Select mode – update files, replacing them, make copies, etc.
Enter the name of the archive. If it is created and then sent via the Internet, it is best to type the name in the Latin alphabet – this will help to avoid problems with encoding.
On the Advanced tab, select the desired configuration. If you want to set a password, enter it in the popup after clicking "Set password" window. If necessary, encrypt the file names. So when you open the archive in their names was not displayed.
Return to the General tab. Select the archive format – ZIP. Click the "OK" button, thereby triggering the process of archiving files. The time to perform this operation count approximately based on the amount of files, their number and the method of compression – less compression, the less time will be required for archiving.
Please note that WinRar is not freeware.
Useful advice
If you are planning to use the archiver continuously use the trial version of the program.
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