For starters, remember how did the car before it stalled. If during movement she twitched, then most likely, the reason lies in the problems of the fuel system. In this case, check the availability of gasoline in the tank, as well as its quality. Perhaps you haven't replaced the fuel or air filter, causing the engine began the process of mixing.
The car may stall due to a faulty fuel pump, the formation of blockages in the injector or the idle sensor. To continue, swipe the cleaning of these nodes cleansing compositions.
The reason for failure may be getting excess air in the fuel system due to the lack of density of joints or deformed pipes. To resolve the problem, replace the tubing and tighten clamps. The work is not complicated, the main thing is to determine the place of leakage.
The vehicle may abruptly stop due to a failure in the electrical part. In this case, turn to a detailed examination of the candles. If need be, then dry them. Can also check the Central wire and plug wires.
The sudden stop of the machine can occur due to a malfunction of the ignition system that may lead to the capture settings set previously. The reason for a vehicle breakdown may also be a lack of spark that happens due to dirt and moisture, often massed in the candle holes. To eliminate breakage, carefully clean the contacts.
The car may stall and idling, which often occurs because of the failure of the idle sensor. This is due to the fact that this node takes over control of engine run time. The lead car in good condition will help you replace the sensor. If the vehicle refuses to go, then this may indicate that the throttle plate was formed a blockage that needed to be addressed.
If you failed to determine the cause of failure of your car, then here can only help professionals from the closest repair. To deliver to them a broken vehicle, you can use the services pay for the tow truck.