Burdock contains a lot of useful properties, which is why it is often used in cosmetics and medicine. Used in the treatment of the hair, strengthening them and preventing hair loss. In the care of eyelashes, improving their growth and protecting skin from irritation. But other than that, oil is an effective cleanser for skin. With the addition of burdock oil can do miracle masks, lotions and add it to the cream.

The use of burdock oil in hair care

Oil is used in the form of rubbing the roots of the hair or as a mask. RUB burdock oil after hair combed. Once oiled, the roots, you must use the comb to distribute the oil throughout the hair length. Then his head put on a plastic cap and wrap it with a towel. This is done in order to use a thermal effect to enhance the action of nutrients. Hair can be washed after an hour, but if you leave the oil on hair for all night, the benefits of this process will only increase. However, to RUB burdock oil should be no more than 2 times a week.

With the addition of burdock oil make a wonderful hair mask. It is sufficient in the ordinary mask, even purchase, add 4-5 drops of oil and it will be much more efficient. But you can do the usual mask, for example, with black bread or egg yolk and just add 2-3 drops of the "magic" oil. Burdock oil not only strengthens the hair but also helps to get rid of dandruff.

How to use burdock

Because this product is natural and concentrated, you need to use it carefully. Burdock helps to combat pimples and acne, but to put it point, only redness with a cotton swab. After enduring 10 minutes, the excess you need to remove with a cotton pad or wipe cloth. If you add the butter to a cream, shampoo or a mask, it is enough 3-5 drops, depending on the amount of money. On eyelashes, eyebrows or nails oil applied in a thin layer of pre-soaked it with a cotton swab.

The application of burdock oil skin care face

Oil can be added to any mask, face cream and make him lotions.
Lotion for smooth skin you can prepare yourself from any infusion of herbs, such as calendula, chamomile, or celandine. In infusion add a few drops of burdock oil and lotion ready. It must be applied with a cotton swab on the skin. This procedure will remove all the redness and smoothes the complexion.
The same is true for all the masks and baths for the face. For example, if a woman has oily skin, tighten pores to help bath with chamomile and burdock oil. Preparing it this way: in a container with warm decoction of chamomile, you need to add 3 drops of burdock oil. The head should be tilted on a tray and cover with a towel so that the broth is not quickly cooled. Carry out the procedure you need 10-15 minutes.

I should say that besides being in itself burdock is an effective means to double up the action by combining it with other natural ingredients. For example, herbs, honey or other oils.