The end of the world, humanity awaits the day of his birth. Atheists, following a scientific point of view, the Big Bang theory, the evolution of the Universe and astronomical calculations about the span of different space bodies near the earth. For religious people the date is changed due to the credibility of the various revelations: John the Revelator of the Apocalypse and Thomas Aquinas, for example, John of Jerusalem or other elders. Mystically-minded, and inclined to trust psychics and soothsayers, study the statements of Vanga, gioja Ayad, Nicholas Boyle, Mary Duval, Nostradamus, and... innumerable those who somehow predicted the end of the world.

A mystery

It will happen on 17 July 2017.
Why this date? First, because she is beautiful and no worse than the other. Second, there's a logical justification. Date down 17.07.2017 – mystical. If you add up the numbers, the total number of work – 25, and final – 7. The number seven is a perfect number, a symbol of mysteries and study of unknown and unknown. She's from prehistoric times ruling symbolizes the 7 planets, 7 days of the week, 7 notes of the scale. This is the rhythm of life on earth.
"The seven deaths will not happen, but one can not escape"

17 July 2017 Monday 23 lunar day of the lunar calendar, the Moon is in the third quarter, so it is a day of completion of all previously initiated cases. There is nothing more wonderful than to end the life of the first working day of the week and after a well spent Sunday. And those who leave, and those who are forced in July to work and to go to work on Monday, will last Sunday to spend to have something to remember in the last minutes of life.

The exact date of the end of the world

All previously scheduled dates for 2013 are gone, so in 2014 the end of the world it is expected a minimum of 6 times.

Although two of the predicted dates is also passed – on 14 and 23 February. But in the near future still have a chance to see how it would be on the following days: March 20 – the vernal equinox, when the world says goodbye to winter; June 1 or June 22 – we expect terrible acid cloud, which strikes the Earth from space; following the end of the world will overtake us in 10 Aug – incidentally, it is also the day when earthlings will be able to observe the rare astronomical phenomenon – super full moon, when the Moon will approach the Earth at the maximum possible distance; and, finally, on 21 December 2014.

The fact that some scientists incorrectly interpreted the calendar of the ancient Mayan civilization. That is why humanity mistakenly expect another end of the end of the world December 21, 2012. In fact, the Maya calendar ends in 2014.

At least to date, the interpretation is as follows. But every day can bring new knowledge in the field of deciphering cuneiform and language of ancient civilizations, so you should wait for the next updates.

If someone want to see the end of the world even during their own lives, these people can hope for 2060, because the calculation made by Isaac Newton, Armageddon is imminent in this year.

If his calculations are correct, you can listen to the Quran, which, according to the researcher Rashid Khalifa, end of the world scheduled for the year 2280.

If and when nothing happens, you can wait until 2892 - according to the prophecy of Abel, or 3793 – according to the prophecy of Nostradamus. So the choice of date mankind is.
"Everyone is himself the Creator of his life and reward him with death, which he deserved by his act"
Thomas Aquinas

In fact, the end of the world is abusing the trust of humanity from about the 6th century BC, recorded the earliest surviving written evidence from Egypt. Well, because the wear of the planet for 15 billion years will necessarily lead to the expected finale, it will happen. Ever. To bring it is not absolutely necessary, but to expect useful.

Waiting for the end of the world humanity more deeply into the mysteries of the universe and the mystery of consciousness of the crown of creation - man.