Nine reasons to choose sport

So the decision was made! You have purchased a subscription to a fitness or gym. And already painted the head a nice picture of how to change your appearance in just... Stop! The results will have to wait much longer than a week or even a month. The first thing you have to do is to develop the habit of regular exercise. Sport is, without exaggeration, have become part of everyday life. There is a very important motivation, self-discipline, ability to plan your time. So what gives us sport?
• Sports — a great helper in the fight against obesity. Lifts and improves the shape.
• The sport makes people more resilient — you will climb stairs, carry heavy bags, can not shortness of breath to catch up a leaving bus.
• Sports helps to develop such valuable qualities as will power, discipline, commitment.
• Sports improves blood flow and activate not only the muscles but also the brain.
• Sports eliminates bad habits, the craving for alcohol, Smoking, drug addiction.
• Physical activity helps to improve mood, relive the stress. In some cases, sports can replace drugs for depression.
• Properly selected physical activity reduces the risk of many diseases, improves heart function, stabilizes blood pressure, helps to get rid of back pain.
• Sports helps older people many years to be in good physical shape.
• Actively attending a fitness club or gym, you will expand your social circle, you will have many new acquaintances and even friends.
If you wish to quickly lose weight, you need aerobic exercise. They enhance the metabolism, burn a lot of calories. These exercises can be performed daily, as they do not lead to muscle strain.

How can you succeed?

Starting regular exercise, you should remember that you should start small. The main thing at this stage is to correctly select and perform a set of exercises and calculate the load according to your physical condition and age. You must learn to feel their muscles and manage their stress. At this stage it is better to do under the guidance of an experienced instructor, and you can then maintain the shape yourself.

Daily training with repetition exercises (especially fuzzy running) will not only help, but will slow down the process. There will be an effect "of over-training of muscle", they simply won't have time to recover. After all, muscle growth occurs not during training, and after it — during the recovery period. Sports are a kind of stress to the body, which needs time to improve endurance, increase muscle volume and eventually training to repetition of loads.
To maintain health to a ripe old age, you need to love and train my body; to remember that life is movement and this can help in regular exercise.

But this does not mean that free from training day to sit on the couch. It will be useful to jog, do light exercises or even just to walk in the fresh air.