Why the need for lathing under the siding?

If the walls seem to be fairly smooth and allow you to attach the siding panel, it is often the non-experts in the field of construction come to the conclusion that to make the crate is optional. But the experienced masters advise even in such cases to make a support for the siding, which additionally will perform other functions.

The first crate is necessary in order to secure the panel – for example, if the house is insulated on the outside with mineral wool or expanded polystyrene slabs, then there is no way to install siding. In addition, the crate allows you to align the walls and make the plane perfect, because even with the most careful construction cannot achieve the ideal plane.

The resulting gap between the siding and the wall provides ventilation of the façade, creating a more favorable microclimate in the room.

Preparing the house for the crate

Sheathing siding a building with any veneer. Before you do the sheathing, you need to prepare the walls of the house to make sure they are sufficiently smooth, remove the protruding elements, such as architraves and soffits of the Windows and doors, drain pipes, metal window lattice, to check the strength of fixing of boards, if the house is covered with clapboard. The walls must be treated with antiseptic to fall under siding, the water did not cause rotting.

If the walls are old concrete or wooden, it is desirable to prokonopatit or plaster to remove the bumps and cracks.

You should also choose the type of sheathing – using wooden laths or metal profiles. If you choose wood, make sure its quality as raw boards will be mold and rot. Lumber for sheathing must be dry (humidity not more than 15%), protected from pests and rot, with a diameter of at least 30 to 40 millimeters. Wooden crate is easier to install and cheaper, but if you are not able to find a really high-quality lumber, it is better to buy a metal galvanized profiles. It is more expensive but stronger and more reliable.

How to make the sheathing under the siding

Select a necessary step for sheathing – the heavier the siding, the smaller the step. Vinyl panels are mounted on a rail with a step of 40 to 60 mm, metal – from 20 to 40. Also the step can be increased if your region often strong winds blow. The crate can be horizontal and vertical, it is produced over the entire area of the wall, including around doors and Windows. The length of the wooden bars shall conform to the dimensions of the wall, it is considered improper to use Reiki with each other. To start the crate need to edges of the wall, to make it easier to align the plane. With a punch set metal hangers on the edges of the walls, which are attached to Reiki. Between them you have to pull a cord, can be aligned on the remaining bars. The stiffness of this frame provides the perpendicular of the jumper. Metal profiles are installed as well.