The insulation under the siding necessary for the economical consumption of heating materials. Houses of brick or block materials is very weak at resisting heat transfer without external insulation. The situation is similar with houses made of wood. The thickness of the standard materials to build up enough to make the fuel in small quantities.

It is better to choose for insulation under the siding

The insulation under the siding needs to perform the following tasks: to reduce heat loss, to create the sound insulation boards, it is also desirable that it does not cause difficulties during installation. A building can lose through the walls of 30-80% of the heat. Therefore the greater the house heat loss, the smaller should be the thermal conductivity of the insulation.

Siding goes well with insulation, if you plan the device of a ventilated facade. The selection of the suitable material is small. In the ventilated facade, sewn with a siding, you can use foam, mineral wool and ecowool.

As for the foam, about him we can say that in the installation the material is very comfortable. It is very light, but tough enough to strengthen the walls it can be with dowels. Another option is the foam glued to the wall. But its advantages end there. Foam low water vapor permeability, not very good soundproofing, and about its durability is a lot of controversy. To house get warm, and the fuel costs were small, it is recommended to use a still mineral wool or ecowool. Moreover, the cost of the foam differs from them quite a bit.

Mineralovaty and ecowool

Mineral wool can be used for insulation of walls of wood, brick, block, building materials. Under the siding should be stacked not rolled mineral wool, and in the form of slabs, semi-rigid, size 0,5X1 m. the Roll material to strengthen more difficult, and over time, wool can generally slide along the wall down, leaving bald patches. Plate easier to mount, and stay they will be better.

To * avoid dust, before facing her harboring a protective layer vapor barrier film. The material will prevent the atmosphere from tiny particles of cotton wool and at the same time not creating obstacles for the water vapour, which penetrates into the ventilation gap of the building walls.

Ecowool and mineralovaty its soundproofing and heat insulation properties are equal. Their structure, fibrous, loose, perfectly absorbs noise. Environmental siding, insulated ecowool, the best option with mineral wool. The ecowool is made from cellulose, but due to the introduction in its composition additives like boric acid and borax it does not burn and does not rot. Cellulose wool and the price is cheaper than other materials.But the material has a significant drawback – the ecowool is not produced in the form of panels, which complicates the mounting. For the application of green fibre on the wall requires special equipment.