Gifts name wedding anniversary

Each wedding anniversary has its own name, which can be a hint when choosing a gift, and you will only need to show imagination.

1 anniversary after the wedding chintz. Traditionally on this day the couple give each other calico handkerchiefs. And that's what you wrap this shawl should tell your imagination. It can be jewelry or car keys. If you give a big enough gift, can you wrap it in a cotton cloth.

2 wedding anniversary – paper. On this day it is accepted to give a paper. But the paper may be different – it may be just a card of congratulations, and there may be trips to an expensive resort. So that match their financial capabilities and desires of his beloved wife and buy paper gift.

3 years of marriage – leather wedding. Well then my imagination is just huge. Give his wife expensive jewelry from the skin. If it doesn't go in, note the leather wallets or purses. Fashionista will delight leather clothes or shoes. Well, the wife of the household present as a gift the subject of leather furniture. By the way, the car's interior, made of genuine leather – it is a symbolic gift.

4th and 5th anniversary respectively of flax and wood. Here, too, the cotton-wedding – wrap your gift in a linen cloth, or put in a wooden box. Linen wedding called wax, so wonderful gift for your beloved spouse will be the ticket to "wax Museum". What are the names of the other wedding anniversary can learn from older relatives, in a magazine or on the Internet.

Need gifts

Wedding anniversary means that you live together for at least a year. During this time, you had to learn about the secret dreams of the wife, her preferences and desires. Wedding anniversary – a wonderful occasion to fulfill the desires of the couple.

Wife to give gifts for themselves. Give her seductive underwear to refresh your senses. Buy her expensive perfume or makeup. Looks prettier than your wife, the better for you, because all your friends will envy you.

Humorous gifts

Together with expensive and enjoyable gift to his wife on their wedding anniversary can be presented comic gift. Give the wife an award "For merits in family life". Order your t-shirt with your photo and the words "my husband" or "the Most happy woman." However, the inscription on the shirt is a matter of taste.

Order your artist your wedding portrait. Could you ask him to paint a portrait from your wedding day or dream up and order a double portrait, for example, on the beach or in a medieval castle.


A woman always remains a woman. So the colors should be a compulsory part of your gift. Buy her a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. If your wife likes soft toys, you can order a bouquet of soft toys or a toy of flowers.