To sell advertising in the media or, specifically, on radio, on the one hand is quite simple. If the FM wave is popular, customers will call with a request to broadcast commercials. But sometimes the most famous radiostations happen congestion. It usually happens in the summer, during vacations, and in winter, during the Christmas holidays. What can we do to spur companies to advertising?
Engage the client, system of discounts. The more clips he posts, the less it will cost. For example, signing a one-year contract, promise forty or fifty percent discount. In loss you will not. If big discounts are not provided by the user, motivate free PR. It includes: - a reference to the leading advertiser during transmission;
- logo placement on all posters and banners produced for the events held by the radiostation;
interview with a representative of the company placing ads , etc.
To attract new advertisers, listen to radiostations that are considered competitors. In what gear and at what time to post videos the company, which is still there among your clients? Is there similar in the etheric grid of your radio? If so, feel free to call the marketing departments of firms and offer to place ads you. Interest prices are lower than a radio rival. Present a more tempting target audience. Tell us more about the bonuses (the free mention or interview with the Directors).
Constantly improve your knowledge and skills in the field of sales. Sign up for training communication, work with "cold calling" and objections. This will help you to establish contact not only with loyal customers but also with those who do not like to place advertising on the radio.