Decide for yourself with whom you would like to correspond. People from which country would you like to meet, their age, gender and so on.
If you are just beginning to learn English or your knowledge is poor, try to meet people for whom English is foreign and that also as you study it. So you will be more comfortable to learn the language. The progress achieved meet with native speakers of English.
Often, talk to a friend on correspondence becomes nothing. Determine the range of your interests and find people with similar Hobbies. You will be able to maintain a conversation longer and find a real friend.
Sign up on websites for friends for correspondence. For example,,,, You will be asked to complete a questionnaire in English. Your profile will play a key role, so make it more informative and attractive. Put a nice avatar with your real picture. Think carefully about what you can tell about yourself that the person wanted to correspond with you.
Don't be passive. View the profiles of other people, select a few potential friends for correspondence and send them a letter with a small but interesting story about yourself. To make your search for success, send at least ten letters every week.
Do not expect that you immediately respond. Please be patient.
If you got a letter, answer it immediately. So you will show that you have friendly intentions and you want to make a new friend. Ask as many questions as possible and answer posed to you.
Try not to search for friends on correspondence in social networks. People who there communicate, other purposes, so there almost impossible to find a friend for correspondence.