According to the rules of cooking pasta, to give products you need in boiling salted water. However, in the case with the slow cooker, things are different.

Pasta "from childhood"

For dairy soups with pasta, many friends in kindergarten, you will need a small vermicelli and milk of any fat content. In the slow cooker, pour desired amount of pasta, poured the milk, added salt, stirred the contents and the mode "Porridge". After a certain period of time programmed in each slow cooker, an audible signal will sound, and the first dish is ready.
Delicious, nourishing milk soup with noodles will satisfy both children and adults.


To cook a favorite of many dishes of "Pasta" in a slow cooker is as easy as the previous one. The products will need: ground beef, pasta durum, onion, salt, pepper and vegetable oil.

Onions wash, peel and slice. Further to the roast on the "Vegetables" slow cooker until they become transparent. Then to the onions add the mince, stir and fry on the "Vegetables." Add salt, pepper, seasoning to taste. In the bowl to the onions with the ground beef pour desired amount of pasta. The water that you need to fill in the slow cooker should cover the contents. It now only remains to turn on the "Cereals" and wait for completion of cooking.

Pasta "Bolognese" gourmet

Lovers of Italian cuisine will appreciate the pasta "Bolognese" cooked in a slow cooker. Instead of the usual meals of spaghetti, you can use the horns. To prepare you need pasta, minced meat, carrots, onions, tomatoes, tomato paste or tomato sauce, cheese of firm grades (ideally, Parmesan), and salt and pepper (to taste) and olive oil.

Vegetables chop. In the slow cooker keeps the stuffing which needs to cook on mode "Stewing". While preparing meat, you can cook the pasta. The finished minced meat is added to the boiled pasta. The contents of the bowl stirred. Remains to send in the slow cooker, vegetables, tomato sauce or paste, olive oil, salt and pepper. Almost finished the pasta "Bolognese" should be left on mode "Stewing" for another half hour. At this time on a small grater grinds cheese. At the end of cooking it only remains to sprinkle the finished dish with grated cheese and in the heating mode to hold a few more minutes.
For cooking suitable for both pork and beef mince. However, it is best to use a stuffing "Home".

Recipes in a slow cooker is a great variety. However, if you just boil the macaroni, no frills, slow cooker and in this case will allow you to save time. In order to not boil pasta on the stove, in the bowl of a slow cooker filled with the required number of items, salt, pepper. Water is added just enough to cover the contents of the bowl. Mode "Cereals" and after 10-12 minutes the dish is ready.