What is conjunctivitis?

To select the most effective means of treatment, it is necessary to establish the diagnosis according to available evidence. The most common symptoms of conjunctivitis in an adult or child are:
- dryness of the eyes or profuse lacrimation;
- redness of the mucous membrane of the eye;
- pain in the eyes;
- the appearance of purulent discharge in the corners.
The earlier you detect disease, the less the risk of adverse effects.

Treatment of conjunctivitis at home

Of course, the detection of conjunctivitis is recommended to seek medical help. But often the person has no such opportunity. For this reason, you should choose products that are extremely easy to apply at home. This allows you to eliminate the inflammation and stop further damage to the eyes.
Before use of this or other means is recommended to consult with your doctor.

An effective way to treat conjunctivitis is to wash the affected eye with infusion of camomile or tea brewing. Brew 1 tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers Cup boiling water and let steep for 10-15 minutes. In the resulting broth, moisten a cotton pad and apply to closed eye. You must make the infusion came on the mucosa. The benefit of this procedure lies in the fact that chamomile, or black tea has anti-inflammatory action.
For lotions you cannot use flavored tea or tea with various additives.

For the treatment of conjunctivitis, you can use egg compress. For its preparation you will need raw protein and half a Cup of cold water. It is necessary to mix the ingredients and leave for an hour. The resulting solution was used for lubrication of the eyeballs, then you need to go to bed.

To treat viral conjunctivitis, it is recommended to prepare the salt drops that to treat the eye twice a day. Dissolve 1 tbsp of salt in glass of hot water and drip in each eye 1-2 drops.

With timely treatment at home signs of conjunctivitis are 1-2 days and then disappear redness and soreness. In the future, for the prevention of disease must observe the rules of personal hygiene and to diversify the diet.

If in 2-3 days no visible improvement occurs, and the lesion of the mucous membrane of the eye progresses, immediately consult a doctor. In severe forms quite dramatically reduced visual acuity.