Bear leaves the house and sees the magazine in my mailbox. He came up with the crossword puzzles. The bear makes tea, takes the pencil and sits down to guess the crossword. Pencil blunts and sharpens it until he is Masha. Bear the first thing hiding behind the magazine. Mary decides that the Bear plays hide and seek with her and immediately finds it. Then comes the turn to find her. She sits in a chair, covers his face – hiding.

Bear takes in one hand a crossword puzzle in a different pencil and goes to look for her around the house. He pretends he is looking for the girl in the closet, the fridge. But actually guesses the answers to the questions. The pencil becomes blunt and the sharpener is near Masha. He reaches for a pencil sharpener, and Maria opens her eyes. One solution is to pretend that he found her.

Then came the turn to hide the Bear. A quiet place was in the closet on the top shelf. Mary of course it was not found. The bear presented himself as Masha in his quest turns everything in the house and makes a mess. He came out of the closet and called her to play outside.

Wherever he was hiding, nothing good came out: he sat on a hedgehog, fell out of a tree. Have Mache to teach each other how to hide, and the Bear forget about the magazine.