Before, than to put any plants, including flowers, have to prepare the soil. If the ground in your area is poor, we still have the autumn bury the compost in place for future planting. You can put on top of the future flower bed mulch. It will retain moisture and nutrients will gradually get inside.
There are flowers that are planted in the spring, they are usually propagated via seed. For these colors need to prepare the seedlings by sowing the seeds in February-March in the seedling boxes. When the seedlings germinate and will have 2-3 true leaves, future flowers can be put in a separate container. Grown seedlings planted in the soil in late may - early June, when it will be quite warm. But you can plant bulbs and flowers. For the most part, their planting occurs in the fall.
How to plant flowers
Whatever flowers you planted bulbs or conventional, it is necessary first to dig their holes. Then in the holes, pour a little warm water, put the plant, cover with earth and compact the soil around. You can add inside the pit some gravel or clay pellets for drainage. It would be good to put in rotted manure, then the flowers will grow faster and bloom more magnificently.
If planting bulbs, it is not necessary to place them too close to each other. The distance between the two bulbs must be a minimum diameter of one bulb. The depth of the pit is about three diameters of the bulb. Put the onion bottom down. If planting occurs in the autumn, watering is not necessary, because the bulbs may start growing and the winter is not necessary. Planting should be done after 16 o'clock (this refers to planting flowers in the spring). After 16 hours the sun is burning, the plants will be easier to adapt.
How to plant flowers
Do not put flowers randomly, follow a premeditated plan. Select varieties with different flowering time, so you have on the site was always flowering plants. Remember that bulbs grow rapidly. So if you want to have a lawn, plant flowers around the edges after a couple of years they'll fill all the space.
Around the roots or bulbs of the plant make small trench and bury it. They will help to deal with pests that live in the garden. In addition, the hair will nourish the flowers in minerals. You can also bury it around the plants used in cooking fat, it will nourish.
How to plant flowers