In the first half of may in an average strip of Russia it is possible to sow in the soil such as flower seeds:

Ammobium. Beautiful dried flowers, grown as an annual. Seeds it small. Germinate in 7-14 days. Drought-resistant, photophilous and quite undemanding plant to the soil.

Cornflower annuals. A very simple flower in cultivation. Seed-Pappus is better to sow in the chosen place in the flower garden, because the plants have a taproot and transplant to react badly. Seeds germinate after a week. The distance between the plants have to withstand approximately 35-40 cm from each other, as they are well spreaded. Cornflowers produce abundant self-seeding.

Iberia. Fragrant flowers. Abundant flowering. Small seeds germinate in about two weeks. If you prune the plants after flowering of the first wave, to feed, to fall flowering again. Does not like wet soil and shade. When sown in early may, the flowering will be in late July.

Calendula. Large seeds, easy to sow, germinate in 8-12 days. Gives self-seeding. A very useful plant for the garden, for the earth and for your health.

Cosmos (beauty). The seeds of her large. They germinate within a week. Bloom 90 days after germination. Kosmeya also gives self-sowing, but the flowers grown from self-seeding shallow.

Flax is an annual. Seeds are sown directly into the flower garden, passing a transplant. Unpretentious floriferous plant. Gives self-seeding.

Mattiola (night violet). Easy to grow and very fragrant plant. It sown in several dates every few weeks as it quickly fades. Mattiola is a favorite of gardeners.

Nigella (the girl in the green, Nigella). Fast to finish, unpretentious. Can be re-sown during the summer. Gives self-seeding. Seeds are used in cooking, in medicine.

Chrysanthemum annuals. Flowering occurs only in the fall, three months later.

In the second half of may, sow in the ground:

Helichrysum. Beautiful dried flowers for winter bouquets. Seeds are small and germinate in 7-12 days. Blooms in 60-65 days after germination.

Godetia. Seeds are small. Germinate in two weeks. When sowing in early may will bloom in July. Loves a Sunny place.

Pretty. It is preferable to sow the seeds directly into the flower garden, as the plants do not like transplanting. Seedlings appear after 10-14 days after sowing. Between plants leave a distance of at least 20-25 cm Flowering "roses".

Lavatera. The seeds are quite large. Seedlings appear after 10-14 days. Plants bloom in 65-75 days after germination. Looks beautiful in mixed borders. It is not picky about soil, drought-resistant, photophilous.

Malopa. High annual, to 1 m tall. Seedlings emerge in 10-12 days. Best sown in a permanent place, except for the picks. Blooms in July.

Nasturtium. Bloom two months after germination. The seedlings are sensitive to spring frosts. The leaves, flowers and green seeds are used in cooking and medicine.

Nemesio. The seeds are very small. Their not even worth it to cover the soil. It is sufficient to roll. Germinate quickly in the light. Very photophilous plant. When the shading begins to wither and stretch. Nemesio blooms after 50-65 days of germination. Transplant the seedlings better in the "nursery" age. The root system is sensitive to the transplants. A very showy plant.

Nemophila. On beds to meet this plant is very rare. Although the seeds have long been sold in Russia. Very unpretentious and very showy plant. The open flowers resemble bells. As grows in full sun and in partial shade. When sown in may will bloom in July. Sowing seeds is carried out surface.

Sunflower decorative. Ease of growing, and the singularity have made these plants popular in the flower beds. It is important to maintain a distance between the seedlings. Among low-growing plants leave at least 30-35 cm,between high - at least 65-70cm.

The scented mignonette.Valued for its unique flavor. Seeds germinate within a week, and seedlings bloom in an average of 70 days.

Pumpkin decorative. Sowing seeds is similar to table varieties of pumpkin.

The Drummond Phlox. Seeds long germinate about two to three weeks. So before planting it is preferable to stand in water a day for swelling. The appearance of the third leaf head pinch for greater tillering of plants. Blooms until late autumn, if the Phlox have enough sunlight.

Escholtzia (California poppy). Sowing is carried out immediately in a flower garden because the plants have a taproot and don't like transplanting. Grows poorly in dense wet soils. Photophilous and drought (watering only in dry weather).


The best days for planting flower seeds according to the lunar calendar in may 2015: 1, 2, 21, 22, 25...29 may.

The best days for planting flowers from bulbs according to the lunar calendar in may 2015: 8, 9 may.

Bad days for sowing flower seed and planting bulbs: 10, 11, 18 may.