Reproduction Mandarin

Mandarin propagated by seeds and vegetatively. For landing you can take the seeds from any fruit. Remove them and immediately put them in fertile substrate consisting of leaf humus and sand with the addition of a small amount of fat clay. Seedlings appear quickly and in a few years become quite lush bushes.
Flowering and fruiting Mandarin grown in this way comes very late. The process can be accelerated if to cultivate the plant.

Vegetative method of propagation is rather laborious, but reproducing Mandarin so you will get fruit much faster in 2-4 years. If air slips. To do this, select a suitable branch and remove the bark with a width of about 2 cm and Tie it place damp moss and moisten it periodically as it dries, the substrate should always be wet. After some time, the nucleus should appear roots. Cut a twig and put him in a pot of light soil.

How to care for a Mandarin

Tangerines, unlike other citrus fruits, are relatively undemanding and require minimal maintenance, but to keep them flowering and fruiting, you need to create a plant with certain conditions.

Light Mandarin essential bright but diffused. Put the pot on the East or West window. On Sunny days pritenyayut from direct sunlight.

The plant is hygrophilous. In the spring and summer it should be watered 1-2 times per day soft water at room temperature. In winter, watering should be slightly reduced, but the soil in the pot should always be moist, do not allow drying earthen coma, as the Mandarin may lose leaves. Regularly spray the plant, especially if the room is very dry air.
To achieve the required moisture content, pour in a tray of expanded clay and moisten it. As it dries pour in the pan a little water.

During the period of active growth during budding and fruiting fertilize plants with organic and mineral fertilizers. Use a complete fertilizer for citrus, and as organic matter - manure from cow manure (ratio 1:10).

Transplant plants

Young bushes Mandarin should be transplanted annually, and Mature plants once in 3 years. The best time for this is spring, this time in Mandarin begins the period of active growth, so the plant will reschedule.

On the bottom of the pot, pour a layer of drainage. This may be broken bricks, crushed stone or expanded clay. Then, pour a nourishing, but lightweight substrate for citrus. Remove the plant from the old pot, shake off the ground and wash the roots in warm water. Sick and rotten, remove and put the Mandarin in fresh soil.

Adult large plants transplant quite problematic, but you can do the replacement of the top soil in the container. Remove about 5 cm of the old soil and add fresh soil. Lightly seal and pour warm water the plant.