The cultivation of Mandarin from bone

The most affordable way is to grow a tangerine tree from seeds. For this you will need a ripe tangerine and a pot with soil. First remove the bone from the fetus and treat it with a growth stimulant, which can always be bought in the gardening store. Follow the instructions that usually is on the label.

Next, put on the bottom of the pot with a hole a few broken shards or pieces of brick. It will drain, without which the roots will be damp and stuffy. Fill the pot with soil. For her take purchased land for citrus or prepare a mixture of humus, sod land, peat and sand, taken in equal quantities.
Land for Mandarin should be steamed over a pot of boiling water.

Put the bone into the pot, pour and put in a warm place. Will have to wait long, only a month will appear in Rostock. This time the soil must be periodically watered so that the soil doesn't dry out. Move the pot with the sprout into the lighted area, take care of the young tree and after a couple of years you will receive a beautiful plant that will bloom and delight even the fruits. True, they won't taste good, but to get the sweet tangerines, you need to instill this Bush at a young age, or grow another plant from cuttings.
For the grafting of Mandarin need to take a stalk or a kidney from the varietal plants.

The cultivation of Mandarin from cutting

To obtain a plant with sweet fruits, you will need a Mandarin with a twig and a leaf. So you can buy in the store. Importantly, the sprig was withered. Cut the stalk with leaf and plant in loose fertile soil. Pour and cover the cut in half plastic bottle of sparkling water with the removed cap.

A few months later the branch will take root and there will be new leaves. All this time, it is important to monitor soil moisture. When the plant finally strengthened, the cover can be removed. Further care is regular watering, annual transplant into a bigger pot with soil replacement and fertilizing. For the dressing take the manure, diluted with water in proportion 1:10. Water the soil under the home tree with this solution 2 times a year, in spring and autumn.

First, Mandarin will grow, then it will bloom beautiful white flowers, and soon you will be able to enjoy the fruits grown personally on the windowsill.