Simply woolen dress

Wool dark-blue or turquoise dress is a great choice to casual clothing for office or other work space. If the shade cloth perfectly illuminates your skin and facial features and cut of the dress flatters the figure, such a thing becomes basic in the wardrobe. So, blue dress pencil fit slim girls, and straight or flared dress will adorn women with curvaceous.
Remember that high heels and platform shoes are not recommended to wear in the clothing business.

Accessories to blue or turquoise business dress should be restrained but feminine. Good shoes with a heel height of 4-6 inches, while the thickness of the heel need to not spoil the proportions of your figure. For example, slim ladies fit classic boats in the style of 50-ies, which were worn by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Of women with large size feet will save two-tone shoes that visually shorten the foot. As for full of ladies with feet size smaller 37th, they fit shoes in a thick square heel shoes in such a large figure will look slimmer and more stable.

To complement the feminine look in a blue wool dress help a variety of silk scarves. So, the famous Hermes scarves contrasting yellow or red tones will refresh the complexion and help to create new and elegant combinations. Ladies with type of shape "inverted triangle" should be replaced scarves for the long beads, hand pulling chest area. Otherwise, tightly knotted scarf or chunky jewelry person at risk to further expand the shoulders and visually shorten the neck.

Denim shirt dress

Blue or blue denim t-shirt dress is perfect for the weekend. This dress successfully combined with men's accessories: massive hours, tough biker boots or boots on a tractor sole, and also a bag-bag and sunglasses-aviators.
The contrasting beige or white oxfords are not only comfortable within a long walk, but also create a fresh boyish kit with blue denim dress shirt.

Short silk dress

Paleblue short girlish dress with long sleeves and round neck is ideal as a variant output. Thanks to the universal design of neck this kind of dress is combined with the most necklace of necklaces and beads. Try to create a trendy, tribal-inspired look, combining blue short dress with Scandinavian sandals-clog with a wooden platform round silver-tone necklace with coins and a small hobo bag with fringe. To create a more feminine image put on him a crimson stilettos and a necklace with multicolored rhinestones, and then complete the outfit with sleek beige clutch.