Maybe your Apple tree does not bloom and does not bear fruit due to the fact that she's younger than seven or eight years, so first of all you must find out the planting dates. If the tree is older, you should think about correct care, regular fertilizing and hoeing, maybe the plant just doesn't have enough moisture. Other reasons for the lack of flowering can be a variety of diseases and parasites or even just excessive penetration into the soil.
If the buds are formed, but not disclosed, the reason for this may be the larvae of the pollen beetle. They hit the Bud from the inside by eating its contents. To get rid of this problem in advance to prevent against parasites and infections with the help of special tools. It is worth remembering that the plants are sprayed prior to Bud formation, otherwise it may be too late. Do not forget to inspect and treat the trunk of the tree, to establish a protective belt and blanching of the plant. All this will help protect the tree from parasites.
With good flowering and no fruit, the reason may be spring frosts. There is nothing you can do about it. One can only hope that the next year will be favorable for fruiting. If cooling was not the absence of ovaries can talk about the problem with pollination. This can be overcome by planting several varieties of Apple trees, or by using methods of artificial pollination. However, if possible, it is necessary to acquire land, next to which is an apiary. This will help to get rid of problems with pollination, which is important not only for growing Apple trees.
Another reason for the lack of fruits can be that the tree is already too old. You can try to rejuvenate the plant with pruning and nitrogen fertilizing. If you see that even after two or three seasons after rejuvenating pruning an Apple tree not bear fruit, you should replace it or write on its site as a decorative element, and next to the new plant.