Causes of poor growth of seedlings may be several; all they need to be deleted, and then your seedlings will be healthy and strong. The most common errors grower, impedes the growth of young plants:the Sowing of seeds in acidic populista flower and vegetable needs for successful development in slightly acidic or neutral soil. Test the acidity of the soil, store-bought or brought from the private area by using indicator strips litmus paper. A handful of soil, pour 0.5 cups of water, stirred, allowed to settle and is lowered into the water indicator. If the strip of litmus paper turns red the soil is sour. It needs to be limed, but to do it well in advance, 2-3 weeks before sowing of seeds. Used not chalk and lime, and ground or crushed egg shells (2-3 handfuls per 1 kg of soil). The PH of the soil closer to the optimum for the development of the seedling value.The introduction of the substrate for seedlings of excessive amounts of pregnaet contributes to the disease of seedlings with a viral disease "black leg". To avoid this risk, together with the soil as humus need to be sterilized (steamed or calcined in an oven) or treated with biologics ("Baikal", "the Shining").Excessive watering rossodivita plants are easier to tolerate drying soil than waterlogging. You need to spend watering about once a week, when the top layer of soil becomes dry to the touch, and the leaves begin to fade.The deficit Sveta March, when most gardeners sow seeds on sprouts, daylight is short. Especially in February (some plants need a long growing before planting in the ground). Order seedlings well grown in these months, it needs a backlight fluorescent or fitolamp. In February, the supplementary lighting lasts from dawn to dusk in any weather and on all Windows. In March in the same mode highlight the seedlings on the Windows facing North; the other Windows highlighting include on cloudy days, Sunny weather, do not use it. Premature fertilizing seedlings mineral dobredojodovte only healthy, already well-developed plants, about 7-10 days after picking. Earlier feeding can only bring harm.