Causes of blackheads

You first need to determine the reason why the black dots are "occupied" face. Their appearance may provoke improper or poor-quality cosmetics that clogs the pores on the skin to which it is not suitable for a number of parameters. When selecting cosmetics, you need a balanced approach to fat day/night cream, composition of tonal, and even blush.

Also a large part of the blame lies with the women, Lenasia to wash off the makeup particles which in a day mix with dust and become black dots.

Not less precipitating factor in the appearance of comedones are stress and hormonal imbalance in the body that occur in pregnant and lactating women, and women of older age, are on the verge of menopause. Affects the formation of blackheads and exacerbation of chronic diseases, which is often characterized by eruption of acne. Starting to treat the symptom of beauty, women fail to see the problem with the body.

How to get rid of blackheads on the face

To remove sebum from clogged pores can only be mechanically. In salons it uses a special instrument, through which additional drugs cosmetologists literally "suck out" the blackheads out of the skin. At home women steam out problem areas and squeeze out the dirt from the pores with clean hands.

Good effect in some cases give special cleansing strips for the nose on the basis of coal, which are sold in cosmetic departments of supermarkets.

However, the most effective is a professional ultrasonic cleaning of the face in the beauty salon. She is more superficial and less traumatic than manual, vacuum, or chemical peeling. Ultrasonic cleaning of black dots can be combined with other similar treatments, or use as prevention. Its action is aimed at the destruction of the dead cells of the skin, removal of blackheads and smoothing out wrinkles and rejuvenating aging skin.

However, the best way to combat blackheads is facial hygiene. The skin should be thoroughly clean in the evenings, washing off makeup, and wiping the face with toner, tightens pores. Periodically, you need to do exfoliation, and carefully choose the care and decorative cosmetics. A person does not need to touch dirty hands, and it is desirable to limit the diet, minimizing the intake of spicy, fatty and sweet foods.