Something to shed water in a dream

If you dream you spilled water on the floor in his apartment, in the near future in your life happens because a lot of unpleasant events. You'll likely have to deal with the envious and malevolent, and intended plans are unlikely to be realized. In addition, you will experience loss and separation.

If you spilled water on the floor in a strange apartment, the value of the water opposite. You have nothing to worry about. Health you will not fail, but in life there will come the favorable period for the implementation of new ideas.
If the dream was in on a Saturday or Sunday night, then it is possible not to pay attention. Such dreams, as a rule, are empty and have no special significance.

A bad sign is the water spilled on his feet. It portends serious health problems. A similar interpretation applies to the dream in which you stepped on the spilled water. Try to avoid dangerous situations, less contact with fire, possibly defer all travel to a more favorable period.

If you spilled very hot water and got burned in the near future you are waited by monetary damages. Losses will occur because of your carelessness, so try not to make hasty purchases and refrain from questionable transactions.
If you dream you carefully wipe the spilled water off the floor, this mark is an indication that you have a lot of strength to fight the enemies.

A large amount of spilled water that got on the floor, clothes and the objects around you, foretells unpleasant discussion of your person. Most likely, you give too many promises and not rush to implement them. This indicates to you that your words have to careful and try not to deceive others people.

The nuances of sleep

If you dream you have spilled the water and felt a sense of fear, that in real life you need to exercise extreme caution. This sign could Herald an attack by robbers, random losses and cash losses. Pay attention to the safety of their homes and try not to carry too many valuables.

Try to remember your feelings, if you dream you hurriedly wiped the spilled water from the surface of the table or the floor. If you failed to do it right the first time, and the liquid was too much, all your attempts to deal with enemies in real life will be useless. If the water was a bit on and immediately wiped the surface dry, then after a long struggle with the arisen troubles, you still manage to win.

Notice the temperature of the water when you wiped. Cold or ice water heralds the beginning of a new stage of life. You have the opportunity to correct errors and, as the saying goes, "start with a clean slate." Warm water only portend trouble.

If you wiped the spilled water, but your hands remained wet, the trouble will not pass without a trace, but their impact will long be felt. Try not to participate in adventurous activities.