The Aegean sea

The Aegean sea as if beckoning you to spend your vacation on the beach. Stable warm weather, seldom presenting any unpleasant surprises.
Cliffs, picturesque towns, in a position to sea travel – all of this coast, which prefer to relax themselves Turks and wealthy Arabs.

If you are a supporter of peace, privacy, give preference to the trip to Altinkum, make sightseeing trips to Pamukkale and Cleopatra pools. Want to relax and enjoy the night life of secular parties, then welcome to Marmaris, good restaurants in Bodrum, a bustling Bazaar Friday Codes.

The Mediterranean sea

Antalya, Kemer, Alanya, these famous large cities of the so-called Turkish Riviera, the most preferred resort of this region, located on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Soft sandy beach, good infrastructure, cleanliness. The Mediterranean sea has the highest salt concentration. Vacation beckons with the opportunity to visit the main Turkish attractions, see the arches, minarets, towers and also become a witness and participant of the famous Turkish bazaars, visit to the largest shopping centers in the country and, of course, to enjoy the night life, popular clubs, discos.

Choose the lush greenery of Kemer, mountain slopes, Antalya, Alanya, affordable, young resorts Belek or side, and you are sure to find everything you were looking for, this comfortable climate, and the highest level of service and cultural events.

The sea of Marmara

The Marmara sea is an internal. Despite the fact that the Marmara sea is characterized by rocky shores and is considered to be not the best place to spend a relaxing holiday, there are a number of resort towns that are worth paying attention to, going on a trip to Turkey.

Thermal waters, trip to Istanbul, ancient temples and, of course, a plant for the production of terracotta, you will be able to see, deciding to stay in Marmaris and Turkeli in a special mini-hotels.

The black sea

Serious depth and unstable weather, a relatively poor fauna, nature, giving a preferred temperature only in summer, make a holiday on the black sea coast of Turkey, a lot of people with a specific preference. A small number of specially selected beaches and a small selection of hotel complexes and does alienate visitors. However, if you decide to take in the charm of the past combined with modern trends, then sit in the antique city of Turkey, Istanbul. Or make camp in the Northern city of Rize, Sinop or Trabzon.