You will need
  • Two network cards.
Typically, the network creates bridge to connect multiple computers to the Internet. If you are using a single-port modem, then connect the other PC to the Internet, you need to create a bridge. First, configure the router or modem to access the Internet.
Open the web interface of the modem settings. Go to WAN menu. Set the desired data transfer type (PPPoE, L2TP, etc.). Enter the username and password for any service provider.
Now connect to the other network card to the main computer where you will configure network bridge, the second PC or a network hub. Include at least one computer connected to the first PC. This is necessary to enable the second local area network.
Open the control center network and sharing or just a list of active local networks. Highlight the connection to the modem (router) and LAN, right click the mouse on one of the icons and select "Create bridge".
There will now be another icon called "Network bridge". It is his and you need to configure. Open the properties for this connection and select Internet Protocol TCP/IP. Click "Properties".
Activate the option "Use the following IP address". Enter a value, for example, In the field "default gateway" and "Preferred DNS server" enter the IP of the modem. Save the settings for the network bridge.
Now open the properties TCP/IP of another computer. Set the following values: – IP-address – the subnet Mask – default gateway – DNS servers.
Similarly, configure the settings of network adapters of other computers. Go to the properties of the network bridge. Share Internet access to other users by selecting the check box in the menu item "Access". Save the settings of the bridge and reconnect to the Internet. Turn off the setting in the modem the DHCP function.