You will need
  • card Visa or MasterCard;
  • money.
  • - the card number of the recipient.
The fastest way of money transfer in "PrivatBank" - the transfer of funds to the card user of the organization. The recipient receives the money instantly and have no need to go to the Bank for the money. The Bank provides several ways for you transfer to the card via ATMs, self-service terminals (TSO) or over the Internet. It is enough to know the card number of the recipient.
In order to transfer money through the ATM "PrivatBank", insert their own card into the ATM and enter the PIN code. Then select the option "Banking operations" - "remittances" – "Transfers from card to card" and enter the card number of the recipient. It is necessary to specify the transfer currency. It only remains to check the translation settings and click "Right."
To transfer money via TSO, you must select the terminal option "money transfer Center". Then, depending on the type of card, click Visa Transfer or MasterCard MoneySend. The terminal should display the fees for transfer, if you agree with them enter the card number of the recipient. After that insert the card to TSO and enter the transfer amount. The final stage is verification and confirmation of the translation parameters.
For users that have access to the Internet Bank "Privat24", it is possible to make transfers from the comfort of home. They can simply log on the website of "Privat24" and select the "Transfer" Is "To the VISA card of any Bank in the world". Here you must specify the payment amount and currency and click "add To cart". In the basket then press the button "Pay". Confirmation of payment is via a password, which comes to the user's mobile phone.
If the recipient has no money cards in "PrivatBank", the translation can also be controlled via terminals QIWI and Elecsnet. It definitely a one time pass at the Bank, the procedure of identification, either a passport and securing the mobile number. In the terminal, select "Express money transfers PrivatMoney" and enter the mobile number. To the specified phone number should receive a TEXT code which is entered in a special field. Next, specify the basic parameters of translation - the country, the name and surname of the recipient and the transfer amount.
In order that the receiver got the SMS about the transfer, you can specify the number. In the end it remains to insert notes. The screen displays the transfer control number that must be reported to the recipient.
The Bank also has the opportunity to receive transfers made through the international payment system Western Union, Unistream, Golden Crown, SWIFT, MoneyGram. To do this, contact any office of the chosen payment system will pay the amount of transfer including the fee. Most payment systems require a passport of the sender. After a transaction, you will be given a special control number that must be reported to the recipient. In the Department of "PrivatBank", recipient should call the control room operations to present a passport and get the money.