You will need
  • computer, Internet, plastic card PrivatBank, pen, cash.
PrivatBank the client can come to the branch of the Bank or in its Central office where to contact the office staff with a request to Fund your account on a plastic card. He in turn asks you to provide the document proving the identity, the card number and code word that you invented upon registration and indicated in the service contract. An employee of the Bank verifies the validity of submitted data and in case of compliance fills a receipt for the replenishment of the balance write the amount you wish to Deposit. The cashier takes you to cash and asks you to sign.
To Deposit cash on a plastic card Privat, you can use the ATM. A Bank customer inserts their card in the allotted for the reception of ATM cell support services of PrivatBank. Then enters the PIN, covering them with your hand for safety. In the menu that appears on the scoreboard chooses the Deposit using the cash Deposit on the card, inserts the appropriate number of notes in the cell to receive cash.
Currently, most Privat customers use the Internet as it enables you to recharge a plastic card. To do this, the user must visit the official website of the Bank, select a service "Privat-24". Citizen is registered, entering your passport details, card number, telephone number. The customer service team calls you after confirming the entered mobile phone and informs you, as identified on the website. With the help of Internet banking "Privat 24" you will be able to recharge a plastic card with electronic money in the accounts of payment systems such as SWIFT, Privat Money, Western Union, Money Gram, cooperates with PrivatBank.
To transfer an amount of funds from one card to another and thus to replenish the balance of a plastic card with an ATM, where to enter the card number on which the money is transferred, and through the Internet, which include data cards which transfer of the amount of money and the details of the account to which the transfer is. Transfer money from card to card can be done in the office of PrivatBank, where the officer will ask you an identity document, your card number and the person on the card that the money to be transferred, and to name its surname, a name, a patronymic.