Birthday for the baby the most pleasant and long-awaited holiday. He was worried, waiting for him, dreaming how it goes, and that he will give. And, of course, want to make sure that the child will still enthusiastically remembered how cool and fun he was. And although the home kid is likely waiting for some special entertainment, it will be nice to share the fun with friends from kindergarten.

Are prepared in advance

Tell your child in advance how you plan to prepare his feast. Tell us what you buy or cook something delicious, to arrange a festive table. Ask the child what he would want and provide it your birthday in the garden.

Your little one can Samosata and even refuse to carry something in the garden. Talk to him, ask him confused. Tell us how other the kids will enjoy the treats and how fun everything goes.

The day before the holiday be sure to speak with your child all the details to make sure that everything is ready and will be just the way he wanted. Can go together to the store to shop or cook him a festive meal.

Holiday treats

Choosing fruits and sweets for the festive table, it is better to focus on the tastes and preferences of small birthday. But don't forget to consult with your tutor. What is customary in your garden that bring on holiday the other children that they love to eat and what better to abstain.

Be sure to ask the caregiver whether there is a group of allergies, and keep this in mind when choosing treats.

It is not necessary to focus on sweets and candy. Let it be the pretty little cakes with a small amount of cream, biscuits, cakes or muffins. Buy more fruit. Bright and juicy, they are much more useful and will not harm children's teeth.

When choosing a beverage, give preference to fruit juices and milkshakes. Refrain from sugary soft drinks and sodas.

What a birthday without a cake with candles? Can buy or bake a small pie or a nice muffin and give it to your tutor together with elegant candle.

Holiday atmosphere

Take care of colorful party decorations. You can bring colorful balloons, inflated with helium. Buy colorful disposable tableware, funny twisted straws and napkins with your favorite cartoon characters baby. You can look at the jokes shop and choose the most fun party hats and paper horns.

On birthday it is accepted to give gifts. Save the biggest and long awaited home. Other children can be upset or simply break the expensive and much-coveted toy. Best buy small gifts to every kid, so they can play together.

And of course, the most important thing to remember about the most important party of the celebration and to listen to his opinion and wishes. What would you advise other parents or caregivers, only you know how to please your little birthday boy.