Best premium tank to raise statistics and efficiency in the game is the Type 59

At the time the developers put this tank, and after a while grabbed his head - he just captivated him almost all the battles of the 8th level. Players immediately realized that the medium tank 8 level, with the armor almost like the T-54, good dynamics, decent cannon and a reduced level of combat is much better than any alternative. Type 59 is almost afraid tanks of its level, and from a long distance or when playing through the tower can vytantsovyval heavy tanks 8-th and 9-th level.

From small minuses can be noted a relatively small ammunition and the high probability of explosion of ammunition. But the main disadvantage of the Type 59 have long been withdrawn from General sale. However, you can still win it in any contests from the developers.

Best premium tank for making credits is Lowe

No wonder this German tank is worth more than the rest of premium equipment, in fact, this tank boasts the largest earnings of all tanks 8 level. Accurate and penetrating gun, this tank allows you to forget about the premium shells and to concentrate entirely on profit, and a large amount of health and strong gun mantlet sometimes allow you to tank. The tank also has an excellent overview that allows us to play sniper.

Of the minuses I note the tank sad the dynamics and transmission in the forehead, from which the tank often burns. Lowe is also frequently throws to the 10th levels, so immediately win on it will not work - you need to clearly know where and why you eat.

Best premium tank for fun - PT-ACS E-25

This tank is the most daring, unusual and Groovy. This tank destroyers 7 level with a weak gun, legs at a very high speed and small size. However, we have a weak instrument, and without premium shells there is not enough. But the E-25 is its excellent dynamics and small size, and therefore a high stealth factor. This allows us on the field of battle to take position, which was previously only accessible to light tanks.