Advice 1: The best premium tanks in World of Tanks

Many people want to buy a Prem tank for credits, raising statistics. Therefore, all concerned with one question: what kind of Prem tank to choose? I will tell you about the best tanks in his series: to farm, to raise statistics and just for fun.
The best premium tanks in World of Tanks
Best premium tank to raise statistics and efficiency in the game is the Type 59

At the time the developers put this tank, and after a while grabbed his head - he just captivated him almost all the battles of the 8th level. Players immediately realized that the medium tank 8 level, with the armor almost like the T-54, good dynamics, decent cannon and a reduced level of combat is much better than any alternative. Type 59 is almost afraid tanks of its level, and from a long distance or when playing through the tower can vytantsovyval heavy tanks 8-th and 9-th level.

From small minuses can be noted a relatively small ammunition and the high probability of explosion of ammunition. But the main disadvantage of the Type 59 have long been withdrawn from General sale. However, you can still win it in any contests from the developers.

Best premium tank for making credits is Lowe

No wonder this German tank is worth more than the rest of premium equipment, in fact, this tank boasts the largest earnings of all tanks 8 level. Accurate and penetrating gun, this tank allows you to forget about the premium shells and to concentrate entirely on profit, and a large amount of health and strong gun mantlet sometimes allow you to tank. The tank also has an excellent overview that allows us to play sniper.

Of the minuses I note the tank sad the dynamics and transmission in the forehead, from which the tank often burns. Lowe is also frequently throws to the 10th levels, so immediately win on it will not work - you need to clearly know where and why you eat.

Best premium tank for fun - PT-ACS E-25

This tank is the most daring, unusual and Groovy. This tank destroyers 7 level with a weak gun, legs at a very high speed and small size. However, we have a weak instrument, and without premium shells there is not enough. But the E-25 is its excellent dynamics and small size, and therefore a high stealth factor. This allows us on the field of battle to take position, which was previously only accessible to light tanks.

Advice 2 : Best level 6 tank in World of Tanks

Game World of Tanks contains a total of 10 skill levels. And each player is given such a question as: what tank is best at a particular level. Rate the best tanks of the sixth level.
Best level 6 tank in World of Tanks

Up to the sixth level of the game relatively quickly and easily. But on the sixth level are beginning to emerge of the difficulties associated with various modifications of the tanks. A variety of models of tanks leaves its mark on the game. Some tanks are better suited for mountainous terrain, some on the plains, ranged and melee, there is intended to break the remaining forces. Estimating all these parameters, we can determine the best of them.

The best heavy tank level 6

The main function of heavy tanks is twofold. On the one hand, they should participate in breaking the enemy line, and on the other, to restrain such attempts of the enemy. Therefore, the main heavy tanks will have a thick front armor and impact weapons. The undoubted leader in these results is a KV-85. The tank has the gun of 122 mm, but it is better to put the gun in the 85 mm gun Is capable of good to penetrate the armor of tanks and level up, but its rate of fire and accuracy will allow disabling modules of enemy tanks. And booking front and turret to deter the advance of the enemy.

The best medium tank level 6

The main feature of medium tanks is to support the attack, bypass the enemy's flank and detection of the enemy. The main parameters for a medium tank will be the agility and the ability to conduct aimed fire during movement. All medium tanks have guns with a small break, so here is an important precision instruments. The ability of a medium tank in time to knock out the tracks of the enemy and immobilize him comes to the fore. In terms of best tank is a British tank "Cromwell". His striking speed 62 km/h with excellent maneuverability enables him freely to outflank the enemy from the flanks and disabling of tank destroyers and heavy tanks modules.

The best light tank level 6

Function of light tanks is to detect the enemy. The tank may not be a good gun to have weak armor, but needs to have excellent visibility, and speed. Finding the enemy in the early approaches, a light tank enables the artillery to fight and significantly reduce the enemy's strength. Such a rate and review at the sixth level has the American T-37. Having a small weight and excellent maneuverability, the tank can easily sneak behind enemy lines and discover his artillery. Detection of artillery and its destruction during the early development stages of the battle sometimes decides the outcome.

Advice 3 : Best level 8 tank in World of Tanks

Game World of Tanks has millions of users around the world. Each player chooses, as he seems to be the best tank. But we have to choose from three categories of tanks depending on their mass. Consider the best tanks 8 level.
Best level 8 tank in World of Tanks


The best light tank level 8

The main function of a light tank is to detect the enemy and report his location to his allies. Therefore, one of the most desired qualities in a light tank is the range of the review. To quickly locate the enemy light tank should have very high speed. High speed will allow to take light tanks best military positions in the mid card battle since its first minute.

Based on all these tactical problems, the best light tank tier 8 is the Ru 251. This tank has a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour, allowing it from the first minute of the fight to be in the rear of the enemy. Sometimes the outcome of the battle decides the artillery and its early detection allows you to predetermine the result of the match. Tank Ru 251 has weak like all light tanks, armor. But my gun is it the same as medium tanks, can punch up to 190 mm armor of the enemy, causing 230 damage to units. Combined with the low profile of the tank, this weapon allows him to actively keep the fire from ambushes.

The best medium tank level 8

The main task of medium tank is to maintain the attack, as well as the detection of the enemy. For these objectives requires maximum visibility from the cab. Best this tank on level 8, is an American T 69. It has a range of visibility of 400 meters.

Medium tanks need to support allied heavy tanks. Not having thick armor, they can bypass enemy and shoot at the rear of the tanks. The rear of the tanks are always vulnerable. Besides, most of the tanks in it are the fuel tank and the engine. T 69 has drum method loader so it can shoot 4 shells in a row. After hitting the enemy, he can incapacitate multiple modules.

The best heavy tank of tier 8

For heavy tanks, there are two basic tactics of warfare. Defensive and offensive tactics or tactics of breakthrough. The role of best tank on level 8 divide with two tanks: is-3 and KT (king tiger). Royal tiger is a slow tank, but has better armor and is suitable for conducting a defensive battle with the long distances. Is-3 has good performance in combination with thick turret armor. But its inaccurate gun and slow reload speed makes it suitable only for close combat.

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