Objective quality criteria

It is clear that the cases of marriage are found among the home appliances made by any brand, it's a fairly complex assemblies consisting of mechanical and electronic parts. But for a firm marriage is a random phenomenon and some quite traditional. In addition, it is important and how the brand cares about the quality of his products and attitude of consumers, i.e. what levels of service and how the brand is loyal to them. According to buyers, a good brand not only produces quality equipment, but also ready to quickly and efficiently correct the defect or replace the device with maximum comfort for the "victim" side. A special study conducted by the Russian center for public opinion studies (VTSIOM), identified the top ten producers, which the Russians trust more.

The rating of the appliance manufacturers

In tenth place is relatively young German-Polish brand Hansa, the production of which is located in Poland. Initially, it manufactured electric stoves and cookers, but today still produces refrigerators and washing machines. Each type of equipment produced on individual plants, which allows to improve processes and minimize the marriage. The Russians have appreciated the quality products of this brand and begin to choose it more often.

In ninth place – brand Candy, the country-manufacturer Italy. Starting with the production of washing machines in 1945, in the period from 1970 to 1990, the brand was acquired several European companies and is now range of products vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances: stoves and refrigerators, including those that may be embedded.
Before buying a particular brand of household appliances ask for customer reviews that you can find on the Internet.

The Siemens brand is owned by Bosch, but not all Russians know about it, maybe that's why rating it occupies only 8-e a place, choose it 4% of respondents, although on the European market, the company is well-known since 1864. Zanussi brand, owned by brand , Electrolux is on the 7th place in the ranking, its production is in the medium price segment and has an excellent ratio quality/price. Itself Swedish company Electrolux, which occupies 6-e a place well known in Europe and America, where the brand is recognized as the 3rd most popular among the buyers.

Closes the top five South Korean brand , its products are must have in every family because the range of products, perhaps one of the most impressive – from hair dryers and transistor radios to refrigerators, washing machines and mobile phones. About 11% of Russian consumers are giving the 4th place for the brand Hotpoint-Ariston, whose products are in the mid to upper price range. The famous German manufacturer Bosch takes the 3rd place, is the European leader in the production of dishwashers. All the equipment of this brand enjoys the deserved trust of buyers worldwide.
Buying appliances is known, untwisted brands, keep in mind that about 20% of the cost is the cost an advertising company, so it makes sense to look to technology brands which are at the end of this rating.

Almost 14% of Europeans and 25% of Russian buyers appreciate the technique of the Italian company Indesit, plants which already appeared in Russia. It is in ranking the second. First place domestic buyers give South Korean brand Samsung, about 35% of them voted for him with my wallet and have not regretted.