Wooden wedding – it's 5 years of living together. The couple got to know each other, know the positive traits and the shortcomings of its second half. It is already firmly formed couple who has experienced more than one quarrel and reconciliation. That is why this anniversary is called the wooden.
Tree – not the strongest material, but much stronger than paper, cotton, wax and leather, which were symbols of past anniversaries.

Gifts for wife on wedding wooden

Here, the fantasy spouse may be limited to only one – his gift must be made out of wood. A nice option is wooden box. Moreover, it is possible to present for different purposes. It may be purely for my wife. In this chest the wife will store her jewelry. You can also use the box for saving the family and put the earned money. Another option – a repository for a variety of memorable documents - birth certificate of daughter or son, strand of their hair, their first school report card...

A great gift – a set of dishes made of wood or Board for cutting food. Cookware of this material has many advantages: aesthetic beauty, safety, in addition, it does not break. Those who want to make an original gift can be a drawing or inscription that will be a symbol of your love.

You can also give a wooden statue in the house. She will be a wonderful decoration, besides, will always remind about your tender feelings.

Original gift with their own hands

Men who really want to surprise your beloved, you can make a table for Breakfast in bed and later each morning delight freshly brewed coffee. It will be a wonderful expression of love and care. In addition, these breakfasts will further bring together the spouses.

If you have a garden near the house, and you know how to make beautiful things, do not hesitate and make a bench or gazebo made of wood. It is possible to cut out hearts or other love symbols. What could be more romantic than a warm summer evening to sit together, to share problems and dreams and listen to the birds singing?
Remember that a gift is not only material value but also spiritual.

If you have your own ideas, don't be afraid to bring them to life. Their attention you reiterate your feelings, which are every year becoming more durable and reliable.