Reasons to be proud of will depend on your priorities. For some it will be your career, another will be happy that he married a young and beautiful woman, but the third win at the regional competitions on chess and will long remember this day. You can be proud of any achievements, and the more of those will be typed, the better for you. However, you can select the most common cause for pride.

Work and study

Young people are often proud of the excellent study and later work. Moreover, the subject of private pleasure can be as long a good result, and a separate UPS. Stable study on the excellent and the regular implementation of the plan was as good as winning the Olympics and the title of the best employee of the year. Also it is worth to notice small successes: performed remotely control or praise from the boss are also very nice.


Family is another reason to be proud. You can be proud of a beautiful and prosperous husband or wife. After all, you managed to attract the attention of such a remarkable man, achieve it and build a strong relationship. Healthy rosy-cheeked children who are beginning to read by syllables, to show their first drawings, which I vaguely guessed mother – another opportunity to praise himself: you don't regularly sleep at night, put a lot of strength in their education, worked with children, buy them the best books and educational toys, and here is the result.

A healthy lifestyle

Regularly going to the gym and to eat healthy food – for some it is a real feat, it's much nicer to lie on the couch and watching soap operas whilst sampling at the same ice cream from a huge bucket. If you have embarked on the path of struggle for their health or good shape, play sports regularly, the waist narrows, and the extra pounds away is a great reason for pride, because you are consistent and show excellent willpower. And even if occasionally you break down and skip a training session at the coffee shop, it should not overshadow your joy.

Progress in the hobby

Besides work, many people have a hobby. Someone in the evenings, plays in a rock band, others carved out of wood and write poetry. Invitations to concerts, the enthusiastic buyers of your products, publications in magazines and literary collections – is not a recognition of your talent, which certainly need to be proud, because you deserve it.