Activity and passivity

Not to say that position in life is a kind of innate factor. Many aspects determine the conditions in which people spent his childhood, examples of which he met. Position in life acquires a concrete form exactly the same as the person that the person is aware of immediately. However, although the character affects the personality and position in life, consciously you can change both.

Activity in the position in life determines how a person is successful. He is bold and enterprising, not afraid to act and ready to active challenges. No matter the leader is the person with such a position, or a follower, he always has his point of view, and does not agree to violate its principles.

Opposite properties are a passive position in life. It is characteristic of the indifferent and inert people. Such a person is rather inclined to avoid difficulties and weeks to resolve them. Passivity may manifest itself not only in apathetic and depressed state, although most often for people and is characterized by the lack of initiative in solving problems. Sometimes a man just following others instructions without putting them into question. Some passive people create the appearance of activity, they fuss and noise, but the absence of vector behavior gives them inertia.

Some people become passive due to life's troubles. In this case, the passivity often associated with aggression to the more active others, people are willing to reason and educate properly those who refused to accept that, like him, with setbacks.

Proactive life position

Another subtype position in life is proactivity. Indeed, sometimes circumstances are against a person, and there's nothing he can currently do. Even an active person sometimes cracks under the pressure of problems. But the proactive person never gives up.

With proactivity is such a thing as sphere of influence. There are things that you now can not influence, but there are others that depend on you. No matter how small your sphere of influence, you must direct efforts on her and on her extension. Thinking and wasting energy on something that doesn't depend on you, it's pointless. It sounds obvious, but most people go the other way. For example, remember how often the people around you complain about the government or criticize the weather. If you now can't change it, don't waste energy on it. Definitely, there are things you can do: to do the best that depends on you, what you are doing now.

Acting in accordance with this rule, proactive people get out of the crisis faster and with fewer losses.

The most important thing is to understand your position in life depends entirely on you. Even if you sometimes showed passivity, you can still start behaving actively or proactively right now, and this decision will never be too late.