To not wilted cyclamen: care rules

The main reason for the wilt of cyclamen is the wrong place, in which it is housed. This flower does not tolerate stuffy apartment with Central heating and bright sun. The plant normally grows and blooms at temperature not above +16оС not below +5oC, and likes filtered light. Set the cyclamen on the North, West or East window or bright, glassed-in loggia.

Often cyclamen wilt due to excess moisture, although like moist air. Install container with a flower on the tray with expanded clay, put it next to the dishes with clean water and wet peat. The plant must not be sprayed from the liquid that collects on leaves and tubers, it rots. For this reason, irrigation supply water should be careful in a thin stream through the walls of the pot, and after 3 h the excess from the sump to drain.
After transplanting and until the end of flowering cyclamen is recommended to feed 1 every 2 weeks fertilizer for flowering roses. You cannot use tools with a high content of nitrogen – it makes flowers resistant to disease.

During flowering cyclamen watered abundantly, and, when plants Bud, is rare. To faded the instance of the rest, its stalks are cut and the pot it is advisable to put in partial shade and coolness for a couple of months. In mid-summer the plant should be transplanted into a spacious container with drainage at the bottom, not buried tuber. Now, for active growth, cyclamen are again going to need abundant watering.

Diseases of cyclamen

The main problem of cyclamen – a fungal disease that primarily start due to waterlogged soil. Leaves patients flowers wither, starting at the top, and fade, often on one side of the plant. Upon detection of the first signs of yellowing must immediately remove the affected parts and to adjust watering and the conditions of detention of cyclamen. If the plant is beginning to rot and the roots emit an unpleasant odor, it will be difficult to save. You can try to remove the flower from the container, gently rinse the roots, cut off the rotten and treat with a fungicide. Then need a transplant cyclamen into a pot with steamed earth.

Yellowing and wilting of plants can cause a variety of pests. In order to prevent contamination of their production, should be every day carefully browse the leaves and before transplanting instances have to steamed soil. If the plant is discovered insects, the infected parts must be quickly cut off, and the land gently at the roots to water a pink solution of potassium permanganate.
When buying cyclamen, make sure the plant is healthy: the leaves are elastic, strong and not SAG. To flower prematurely withered, choose instances with not only big buds under the leaves, but with young - among the roots.

In addition, for the treatment of cyclamen from pests using drugs corresponding to a particular kind of insect. Not to be mistaken with a choice of poisons, always read the instructions on the packaging chemicals. For example, ticks do well "Agravity", "Bancol", "Closewith", "Akarin", "Oberon"; thrips – "Aktara, Konfidor", "Mospilan"; with mushroom gnats – "the Storm", "Mukhoyed", "Konfidor Extra". Proceed according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Usually in severe cases of cyclamen treatment was repeated after 3-5 days.